Spiral Sawing Template

Forming wire spirals is an excellent technique that can come in handy for various wire and metal jewelry designs. Curves are just more interesting–in roads, in nature, in any kind of design. In Helen Driggs’ metalsmithing video Create Spirals, Tubes, and Other Curves for Jewelry Making, she explores various approaches to making spirals, coils, and swirls in wire and metal. This spiral template is referenced in the video.

It doesn’t take a lot of tools to create interesting curvy shapes for jewelry, either. Just by cleverly using pliers, you can create coiled, spiral shapes with wire and metal to add interest and movement to any of your jewelry designs–earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, even unique one-of-a-kind handmade chain. You can also form curved shapes using hammers and some mandrel form or stake underneath, or by using draw plates to make tubes. And of course, you can saw spirals and curved shapes from metal sheet.

Download the free sawing template here and you’ll be on your way to creating curves and spirals in your jewelry designs.

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