Solder Jewelry with Confidence: Master Sweat Soldering with Connie Fox

Updated: Connie's popular soldering course is being offered again, starting June 16! Read on for details….

In hindsight, soldering isn't difficult. But using a torch for the first time, literally holding fire in my hand and trying to get it to do something specific, was much harder than I expected it to be. It's kind of like drawing a circle–it sounds easy enough, but once you start actually doing it, how many tries does it take to get it just right?

I don't think I could've done it if I didn't have a wise, wonderful instructor to teach me the right way to solder, from the start. In her new online master class, Soldering Jewelry with Confidence: Sweat Soldering, Connie Fox will be that wise, wonderful instructor for you! Her first master class on metalwork and cold connections sold out three times and was so popular, we had to offer extra sessions. Now Connie's taking students to the next natural progression in jewelry-making techniques: soldering. The sweat soldering course is the first in a series of three soldering-technique-specific four-week classes that will create master solderers everywhere!

master soldering with Connie Fox class

Through weekly lessons with technique information, step-by-step tutorials with images, and videos, Connie will show you how to master one of the most versatile and common soldering types: sweat soldering. And Connie is available throughout the course to answer your questions and help you master this versatile skill. You'll also learn about torches, soldering safety, how to solder dapped or textured surfaces, how to solder multiple joins at once, how to reposition soldered pieces, and more.

master soldering with Connie Fox

"Adding soldering to your list of skills will make a BIG difference in your ability to fabricate jewelry you'll love," Connie says. "Once I learned the skill, soldering became my favorite jewelry making technique. I hope you come to love it too!"

If you're ready to learn to solder–or if you already know how but know you'd benefit from some expert tips and instruction–treat yourself to Connie Fox's next Craft University Master Class, Soldering Jewelry with Confidence: Sweat Soldering. You can learn at your own pace with Connie's expert help, right from your own home. How great is that?

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