Solder Jewelry with Confidence: Master Butt-Joint Soldering with Connie Fox

Knock knock, opportunity is here! It has been about a year since we offered Connie Fox’s first soldering class on Craft U, which is now five-star rated and has sold out multiple times. The second course, Solder Jewelry with Confidence: Master Butt-Joint Soldering, has been equally popular, so if you’ve completed Connie’s first soldering course, get your torch ready to learn more essential soldering information.

In this four week course, the focus is all on butt-joint soldering, including rings, bangles, hoop earrings, and more. The course will also include interesting ways to work with butt joints, such as how to solder a tube setting for a faceted stone onto a bangle and how to use decorative granules.

master butt-joint soldering with Connie Fox

“I have developed this tutorial to help you build confidence at the solder bench,” Connie says. “It is second in a series of three 4-week courses that include sweat soldering, butt-joint soldering, and T-joint soldering. My aim is to give you detailed, step-by-step information on how to make these three types of foundational solder joints. Once you hone your skills in these three areas, you can tackle almost anything. Detailed text, numerous images and select videos will show you exactly what to do.”

If you’ve learned sweat soldering and want to master other types of soldering, butt-joint soldering is next, and Connie’s four-week course is dedicated exclusively to that. “I have included tips and tricks I use regularly in my studio,” Connie says. And to make the process even more fun, interesting, and easy, Connie has included step-by-step butt-joint soldering jewelry projects that you can copy as you learn or adapt to suit your own preferences.

soldering a ringOver the course of four lessons (one each week), you’ll learn from illustrated handouts with information about multiple techniques, multiple complete project tutorials, and many supplemental videos. Plus you’ll have access to Connie for questions, feedback, and review of your project progress. Sign up now to reserve your spot in Solder Jewelry with Confidence: Master Butt-Joint Soldering with Connie Fox.

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