Sneak Peek: Explore Advanced Resin Jewelry Techniques with Linda Larsen Plus a Free Resin Project!

Our latest Craft University master class is just days away and I'm so excited! I've been using resin for a few years now but mostly just in bezels, on top of some sort of art or mini collage I've created. I've been envious of the cool clear resin bangles with fun stuff inside like glitter, pebbles, flowers, even sprinkles!! How fun would it be to wear a bangle bracelet that's filled with sprinkles? So I want to learn to use resin to cast shapes like that and also pieces from found objects so I can use them over and over again.

cast resin flowers molds colored resin

I also want to use resin to give delicate little treasures like egg shells strength and stability so I can use them in projects. But the thing I most want to figure out is how to encase a puffy, fluffy, magical-looking little dandelion in a sphere of resin.

My resin skills really need some help.

Back to Resin Jewelry Making: Basics, Bezels, and Beyond, the fun Craft U master class coming up in a few days! Linda Larsen has been making resin jewelry and creating resin products for years, and now she's sharing her knowledge about resin jewelry-making with you in a six-week online course. It's packed with tutorials and a dozen technique videos to help you learn all you want to learn about using resin for jewelry making. (There's a complete syllabus at the bottom of this page, fyi.)

resin paper jewelry cast resin molds techniques

"Join me for six great lessons on using resin in jewelry making! I have worked with resin for many years and find it to be the most flexible material for creating interesting jewelry," Linda says. "Resin allows you to use fragile items in jewelry such as an egg shell or paper, giving them strength and durability so they can be worn and enjoyed." Imagine wearing a fragile robin's egg shell or a snippet of a love letter around your neck in a pendant! By strengthening it with resin, you can, along with super fragile items like pressed flowers, leaves, sand dollars, starfish, and more.

cast resin mold bangle glitter encased bangles

Join Linda in Resin Jewelry Making: Basics, Bezels, and Beyond to learn:

  • How to make your own bezels to fill with resin
  • How to create a resin surface that looks like enamel
  • How to create interesting surface treatments on resin
  • Repairing resin pieces and fixing resin mistakes
  • Casting and molding for creating multiples
  • Encasing flowers, glitter, and more in resin

resin paper jewelry

"A great project for Mother's Day is to use parts of a journal, love letters, notes, children's art, and photos to make a little wearable book pendant for mom! (see below) Resin makes paper wearable and waterproof," Linda says, and offers this free project for making "resin paper" as a glimpse at the kinds of projects you'll learn in her Craft U resin jewelry-making course, Resin Jewelry Making: Basics, Bezels, and Beyond.

resin paper book pendant Mother's Day resin jewelry

Want more unique and artistic ways to use resin in jewelry making? Sign up for Linda's course, Resin Jewelry Making: Basics, Bezels, and Beyond! Linda will be available to help you every step of the way, answering your questions and giving feedback on your work–in addition to the written step-by-step photo lessons–plus a dozen video tutorials! You can work at your own pace over the course of six weeks, in your own home, using your own beloved materials paired with Linda's expert instruction to make artistic and meaningful jewelry using a fabulous and versatile material, resin! But hurry–the course begins March 31, 2015! See below for a complete course syllabus and learn more and register at Craft U.

make resin texture molds with rubber stamps

New to Resin Jewelry Making?

Don't worry! You can take this course, too–Linda's expert instruction includes the basics and best practices you need to get started and then take off!

Resin Jewelry Making: Basics, Bezels, and Beyond Syllabus

Lesson One
What is resin?
Mixing and pouring epoxy doming resin
Drying and curing epoxy doming resin
Sealing paper for a simple bezel project

Lesson Two
Using bezels with resin
How to make your own bezels
How to use a backless bezel
Found object bezels
"no bezel" pours and using fabric with resin

Lesson Three
Adding color and objects to resin
Adding Color to resin
Adding Inclusions to resin
Surface treatments for resin

Lesson Four
Casting Resin
Using a commercial mold such as a bangle bracelet
Making a simple mold
Making a dimensional mold

Lesson Five
Transparent paper with resin
How to use resin in your jewelry or mixed media creations
How to resin paper
Strengthen paper with wire frames…butterfly wings

Lesson Six
Encasing 3-dimensional objects
How to use resin to create strong jewelry from fragile things such as eggs, branches, leaves and flowers


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