Silver Is Below $17 and So Are These 9 Silver Jewelry-Making Projects and Resources

Hear ye, hear ye! Silver fans rejoice!

Breaking news: Silver has dropped below $17 for the first time since 2010. (Woohoo!) Stock up on silver sheet and wire from your favorite jewelry supply resource–and then stock up on inspiration and expert tutorials for making stunning silver jewelry with your stash! Here are nine of my favorites–they're under $17, too! (See what I did there?) Also, don't forget our free silver jewelry making eBook!

Okay, just this one isn't under $17, but you can download it instantly for about $25. It's such a super video and a great way to make a statement with silver.

You can browse and shop for all of the silver jewelry-making resources in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop. Have fun with your new silver supplies!

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