How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Jewelry Business Website

Data is a business owner’s best friend and fortunately, tracking data online is easy to do. With the proper program you can see what web pages your audience is viewing, the amount of time they’re spending on your website, and even how they’re getting to your website (social media, email, or direct traffic are just three examples).

If you’d like to begin tracking this kind of data, one of the best programs you can use is Google Analytics. The best news about the program is it’s free to have — all you need is a Google account.

Ready to get started? Here is how you can install Google Analytics on your website:

Visit Google Analytics, then sign up using your Google account. Complete your account setup (you’ll need to provide some basic information about your account and website) then you’ll be routed to a dashboard for your site. Here you will see all the tracking information. The next step is to add tracking code onto your website. Why? This is what connects your website to Goggle Analytics; this code is the missing link.

You can find the tracking code within your Google Analytics account itself by navigating to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Once you get this screen, the code can be found under Website Tracking in a box. You’ll want to copy this exactly as it appears, characters and all.

The best place to insert your tracking code is in the heading field of your website. The heading lives on all pages and by placing the header this way, it allows the code to display on every page without the need to insert your code multiple times. Simply copy the code from your Google account and find the closing head tag within your heading field. Paste your code in before the closing tag and make sure you hit save.

Heading fields are located in different places depending on the content management system you use to host your website. Regardless of the program you use, navigate to your theme editor and find the heading field among the menu of options. Don’t be surprised if you find several and need to hunt a bit.

Once you’re in the heading code, you’ll want to find the closing head tag that looks like this: </head>. This is where you’ll want to insert your Google code. Expert tip: if you’re having trouble finding the closing tag, use a screen search to find the tag phrase. Make sure you hit save on your admin site. When the page refreshes, you should see your newly added code right where you pasted it.

adding google analytics to your jewelry business website

Ashley Lauwereins is a marketing professional by day and a jewelry designer for her own business Fifth Essence Jewelry by night. She resides in Colorado where she also enjoys hiking, running, and drinking craft beer.

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