Selling Handmade Jewelry: How to Price Your Work Live Web Seminar with Noël Yovovich

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It's everywhere. On our Facebook page, in emails from you, on our forums, in other communities and groups online–the question I see most often lately is, "How do I price my work?"

Everyone has heard the formulas–two times materials cost plus labor, three times materials cost, two times materials cost plus 30%, and so on. I've seen some people approach it from the other end–"How much money do you want to make in a year? Determine that number and the number of hours you want to spend making and selling jewelry, and work backwards from there." That one makes my head hurt.

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However you arrive at your magic number, it's important to do so–to charge a fair price for your time and genius, to earn a reasonable amount of money, to sell but not undersell the value of your pieces. And guess what? There's no one magic formula to follow. But in our live web seminar, Selling Handmade Jewelry: How to Price Your Work, master jewelry artisan Noël Yovovich shares various methods for pricing your pieces so that you can make money selling the handmade jewelry you love to make.

"Possibly the hardest aspect of turning an art into a business is the process of figuring out how to price what you make," Noël says. "After all, it's art–so, we do it for love, right? This is a message you have probably been given over and over, in ways subtle and blunt. . . . But if you want your handmade jewelry to not only pay for itself but to make a profit, you have to face up to the realities of the marketplace. And the most basic business decision is what to charge for what you make."

Selling Handmade Jewelry: How to Price Your Work

Live Web Seminar with Noël Yovovich
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Noël about the webinar.

December 11, 2014
1-2pm ET

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In Noël's live web seminar, you'll learn how to:

  • calculate what your prices need to be and use that information to determine what you create
  • understand what the market will bear and what this means for you
  • avoid being your own competition
  • add perceived value to what you sell
  • fit pricing into the creative process
  • go from hobby jewelry maker to professional artisan status
  • price your work correctly!

"There is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer," Noël says. She will help demystify the process, detailing the factors you need to take into consideration in setting your prices, drawing on a lifetime as a professional artist in her own right, in addition to the wisdom of other successful jewelry artists.

Join us live and learn from a pro! Register now for Selling Handmade Jewelry: How to Price Your Work live web seminar with Noël Yovovich and start the new year off with a fresh pricing plan to earn what you're worth!


About the Presenter:

Noël Yovovich was born in rural Florida, daughter of a frustrated artist father (who was also a native of the Tampa area) and a Manhattan-raised math-teacher mother. She moved to Chicago for college at the University of Chicago, where she majored in art, and she has pursued art professionally ever since. She is currently the supervisor for five goldsmiths at a jewelry gallery in Evanston, Illinois, as well as continuing to create her own unique work using anodized titanium, precious metals and gems. She also teaches jewelry making at venues around the country and writes step by step articles for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine.

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