Sculptural Metal Clay: Building Three-Dimensional Metal Art Jewelry in Silver Metal Clay

You guys are so lucky! My favorite metal clay jewelry-making book is included in our big annual Hurt Book Sale, going on now–and it comes with a free metal-clay tutorial DVD so that you can enjoy very visual, detailed one-on-one sculptural metal clay jewelry-making lessons with the author and metal clay genius herself, Kate McKinnon.

I love sharing Kate's wisdom when it comes to creating three-dimensional art jewelry with one of my favorite jewelry-making mediums, metal clay. Her practice of approaching metal clay with clay vessel and pottery-building techniques is unique and her results are stunning. Whenever I see a piece of her jewelry, I examine it with the knowledge that she builds her creations piece by piece, connecting slabs and shapes with metal clay slip (just like we used to do in art class, remember?)–and I'm fascinated, wishing I'd thought of that!

Kate's Rivet Post Ring with a gorgeous lampwork bead by Sarah Moran. Photo by Kate McKinnon.

Back in the early days of Jewelry Making Daily, Kate shared her top metal clay tips, and several months later I shared my favorite tips gleaned from her metal clay books. More recently, I interviewed her and published our fun exchange in two parts. After you've revisited Kate's metal clay tips and wisdom and had a little peek inside the artist behind the art jewelry, hurry over to the Jewelry Making Daily Shop and take advantage of the discounted copies of Sculptural Metal Clay (with tutorial DVD!) in our Hurt Book Sale–quantities are limited and I don't want you to miss out!

Kate McKinnon's Five Top Tips for Working with Metal Clay

Silver Metal Clay Tips from Expert Jewelry Artist Kate McKinnon

Hanging Out with Kate McKinnon, Sculptural Metal Clay Genius, Part One and Part Two.

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