Save Time and Money with Jewelry Multiples: The Art of Production Jewelry

So here's my story: A few years ago, I made a piece of jewelry that many people admired and said I should sell. At first I didn't even consider it, because I made it when I was first learning to make metal jewelry and it literally took me the better part of a day to make. I didn't think I could sell them for enough to cover the cost of the materials (quite a bit of sterling silver–and you also have to consider technique supplies like flux, solder, pickle, soldering bricks…) and all that labor. And honestly, I didn't want to repeat much of that labor, over and over again.

  use dies to make multiples for jewelry

Through some conversations with a very talented and business-savvy jewelry designer friend, I started to see the piece of jewelry as individual parts and tasks. Then I figured out how to do them faster and easier, cutting the labor down from about 8 hours to less than one, but the beautiful thing was that it was all still handmade.

It still required the same amount of materials, of course, but I even found a way to make it more cost effective, time-wise and waste-wise, by recycling some of my own silver and buying my sterling sheet in a different shape. It made my cuts easier and my scrap just right for recycling into another part of the design. Eureka! Now I can make and sell the same jewelry pieces–which look the same as the first one–for a reasonable price that's also fair to me.

assembly methods for making multiples of jewelry  

Welcome to the world of handmade production jewelry! Because each piece is still drawn, cut, soldered, filed and finished by hand, each one is still handmade–and with slight variations in the drawing and cutting/sawing, each one is also still one of a kind. But now I can make them in multiples without driving myself crazy–or going broke!

The Art of Production Jewelry: Making Multiples to Maximize Time and Profits
LIVE web seminar with Betsy Lehndorff
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 1pm ET

If you have a special jewelry design that you believe in and want to offer in multiples . . . or if you want to create and repeat a jewelry design that you can make cost-efficiently and sell for a good profit . . . or if you've made a piece of jewelry and you can't meet the demand for it without sacrificing something in the process (your sanity included), I have good news! Betsy Lehndorff is back with another informative LIVE webinar, The Art of Production Jewelry: Making Multiples to Maximize Time and Profits on Wednesday, April 22 at 1pm ET.

"Ask yourself this question: Which is easier to sell, a $300 bracelet or a $10 pair of earrings? In a time when money is still tight, chances are you can sell 30 pairs of earrings at a well-attended craft fair faster than it takes to get a customer to invest $300 in your one-of-a-kind cuff," Betsy says. "But also keep in mind, if you are like Michigan silversmith Mary Kernahan, you spent 12 hours making the bracelet and only 30 minutes making 30 pairs of earrings."

  use a press to save time for making jewelry multiples

Join Betsy to learn about:

  • Hiring out jobs like casting
  • Buying in bulk and developing relationships with vendors
  • Streamlining processes and saving time on assembly tasks
  • Using production-friendly, time-saving tools like hydraulic presses
  • Creating deadlines to help your production process
  • Tool-based design
  • Tips from successful artists, and much more

If you think production jewelry is right for you–or if you aren't sure and want to find out–don't miss Betsy's LIVE web seminar, The Art of Production Jewelry: Making Multiples to Maximize Time and Profits.

See below for more details and join Betsy on April 22! And remember, it's OK if you can't make it to the live event; register now and you'll receive a link to the recording after the event so you can watch and learn at your leisure.

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