Romantic Metalsmithing: Guinevere’s Lament Flower Pendant

Conjure up the romance of the Arthurian legend using metalsmithing techniques to make this flowery pendant 

By Lexi Erickson

I’m such a romantic. I close my eyes and it’s the end of summer turning into fall. I’m back in the West Country of England, where the overburdened berry bushes along the tiny lanes weep with the heaviness of blackberries and late raspberries. In Cornwall, as we climb to Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, the herringbone pattern of ancient slate creates craggy ledges from which the autumn leaves tumble. The ghosts of late summer flowers remain.

Guinevere’s Lament Flower Pendant by Lexi Erickson

Guinevere’s Lament Flower Pendant by Lexi Erickson

Oh, to be in England! This piece I dedicate to those memories, come to life in a metalsmithing project.

Guinevere’s Lament Flower Pendant back design by Lexi Erickson

Don’t forget to make the back pretty, too!


Precise Sawing, Soldering, Tiny tube setting, Patina application, Keum boo (optional)


1.25″ inch square cab
1 approx. 2″x3″ 20g sterling sheet
sterling and copper scraps, 20-22g
2 mm tube sets
5″ of 20g sterling wire
3/16″ x 22g sterling bezel
small scraps of keum boo
hard and medium solder
easy wire solder rolled through the mill to flatten


Hand: Jeweler’s saw, 4 /0 saw blades, Burlife, 2mm stone setting bur, Wubbers medium bail making pliers, flat nose and chain nose pliers, AA tweezers, ring holder

Layout: Leaf patterns, ultra-fine tip Sharpie, cellophane tape, tiny scissors

Soldering: Soldering surface, torch with a large head, UltraFlux and brush, clean pickle and pickle pot, copper tongs, clean quench water, extra sharp solder pick

Finishing: Flex shaft, sharp steel awl, tube setting tool, needle files, #4 half round needle file, ultra-fine emery board, 3M white silicone knife edge wheel, small 3M texturing wheel, 3M Finishing film — 30 micron, soft brass brush, small #5 paint brush, green patina, liver of sulfur, keum boo, agate burnisher, Dawn detergent, 1/4″ wooden dowel


LEXI ERICKSON is a Contributing Editor to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and the Interweave Jewelry blog. She is available for workshops and teaches private lessons in her home studio in Denver, Colorado, where she lives with her very patient family and two kissy Bichons, who sit in her lap as she writes. She can be reached at

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