Ring Projects to Inspire and Amaze: See the 10 Gemstone Rings to Make Lookbook

Any number of stones are perfect for rings — and everyone has their favorites. In 10 Gemstone Rings to Make, a collection of step-by-step ring projects, you’ll find some of the best gemstone rings from the pages of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. These projects, designed by a variety of expert jewelry artists, feature some amazing gemstones. You’ll find rings with sapphires, onyx, garnet, moonstone, variscite, and opal, as well as more nontraditional stones like dinosaur bone, meteorite, and maw-sit-sit. (Maw-sit-sit is my personal favorite, for both its lovely green color and really cool name.)

These ring projects go beyond typical gemstones rings to include some fascinating and unique designs from top jewelry artists. You’ll see and learn to make hinged rings, rings that move, rings set with two (or more) stones, stone-on-stone settings, flush-set rings, and more. You’ll even find a ring designed to protect your thumb on the archery range, should you be so inclined.

To get a look at the awesome rings included in this digital collection, check out the Lookbook below. It’ll definitely inspire you to try these gemstone ring projects for yourself. Once we inspire you, we’ll also teach you! The complete tutorials for all of these rings can be found in the eBook, 10 Gemstone Rings to Make. Make them as they are shown to get the skills under your belt–then branch out! Put your new ring-making skills to work in your own designs.

Karla Rosenbusch
Managing Editor, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist


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