Resin Jewelry Making: Explore Resin Artistry with Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Resin Alchemy

You know those little sticky paper flags used to mark notable pages in books and mags? I used a whole pack on Susan Lenart Kazmer’s book Resin Alchemy. A whole pack. That’s a lot of resin jewelry making inspiration!

resin jewelry making by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Photos by Joe Coca.

It’s the book of my dreams, really. Susan combines metal fabrication with resin jewelry making–along with every other jewelry-making supply and mixed-media treasure you can think of–to make invigorating, artistic resin jewelry that you long to touch, talk about, learn about, and own. Which is exactly what I am almost always hoping to do when I sit down at my workbench in the studio.

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll share five of my many favorite quotes and resin jewelry making ideas from Susan’s book and let you see for yourself how great it is.

1. “Someone asked me recently how I would describe myself as an artist,” Susan writes in Resin Alchemy. “I answered that I consider myself first and foremost an explorer. I search for visual clues, found objects, stories, history, and media that allow me to create meaningful art objects.”

resin jewelry making by Susan Lenart Kazmer2. On her book’s title: “Why alchemy? Because when combined with other materials, resin is a substance that transforms them by making them more than they were. It’s magical. It can strengthen organic matter that would otherwise deteriorate, such as dried leaves. It can turn ordinary paper into a mysterious and translucent material. It can be layered to create dimension: pour some over a piece of fabric nestled in a bezel, let it set; then sprinkle glitter and pour in more resin. Resin can create a beautiful time capsule with words, objects, and other elements suspended within it. Transformation!”

3. “You may be surprised to learn that resin and many other mixed-media materials can be treated much like metalwork. Just as with metal, you must file, sand, polish, drill, saw, and clean your resin to give it a satisfying professional finish.”

4. “To see these dynamic and unusual possibilities in ordinary objects, you have to relax into freedom and flow. You knew this freedom when you were a child. You could create wild, make-believe stories using anything you found in your surroundings–for example, sticks, string, stones, feathers, cardboard boxes, buckets, nests. You can recapture this freedom when you combine resin and mixed-media material with found objects.”

resin jewelry making by Susan Lenart Kazmer5. Have you ever thought of resin as glue? No? Let me ask you this: Have you ever tried to remove something from cured resin, or remove cured resin from something else? Now do you think of resin as glue? “Resin is one of the best bonding glues for metal and other materials,” Susan writes. “It is possible to construct a whole piece and hold it together permanently using a cold-join attachment created by resin.”

I may or may not have glued the tissue paper roll holder to my bathroom wall with resin in a moment of exasperation. And I may or may not use resin as glue again in the very near future!

resin jewelry making by Susan Lenart KazmerSusan is the kind of artist who’s the best of both worlds in jewelry making. She’s technically trained in traditional metalsmithing, but she’s also a true artist with a wild and creative spirit, so her jewelry is both wearable and exciting. Each piece tells a story, and Resin Alchemy will help you tell your story, too, by combining resin jewelry making techniques that you know or want to know with the beautiful bits and pieces of life and history that you want to savor.

If you like one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry, mixed-media art or jewelry, resin, metal, collage, jewelry that has a story, found objects, or feeding your creativity, treat yourself to Resin Alchemy: Innovative Techniques for Mixed-Media and Jewelry Artists.

Check out the library of inspiring and instructional videos and books by Susan Lenart Kazmer!


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