Resin Jewelry Making: 5 Lessons from a First Timer

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking forward to all of us experimenting, learning, and trying new things this year. To get us started off right, Jewelry Making Daily's marketing guru and friend Ashley Lauwereins shares her first experiences with resin. Enjoy! —Tammy



Makin' Resin Alchemy: Resin Jewelry Making

By Ashley Lauwereins


I discovered my love of jewelry making and metalsmithing in high school. Once I got over my fear of quenching a metal piece (it can be scary your first time!), I was hooked.


And so began a love affair that would follow me through college (mainly in the form of wireworking) and into my current job. You may not know my name, but if you've visited any of our new product pages in the last year, you know my writing. As the marketer for the Interweave jewelry products, I've had a lot of new techniques thrown my way: mokume gane, epoxy clay, polymer clay, chain maille jewelry . . . the list goes on and on.

Ashley's inspiration,
from Resin Alchemy

One of those new techniques is resin jewelry. While I had seen it in action and seen the possibilities the medium holds, I had yet to try it.

That all changed recently. Beginning to work closely with different vendors to partner with our ultimate collection program, I realized one day that Susan Lenart Kazmer's ICE Resin was a perfect fit for a kit. Have you looked at Susan's new book Resin Alchemy? She really pushes the envelope with how you can use resin beyond simply pouring and layering items in collage form. Not only did we partner with the ICE Resin team to curate this kit, they sent me a box of wonderful materials so I could truly EXPERIENCE what the kit we designed for you would be like. And experience I decided to do!

I started by flipping through the pages of Resin Alchemy and was particularly inspired by how Susan layered glitter and images into a bezel. Once I had my inspiration, it was time to pour the resin and start playing. Here are a few things I learned while creating my own resin alchemy at home:

  1. I took Susan's suggestion about carefully folding the resin together and letting it sit for a few minutes to help remove the air bubbles. This, along with placing my bezels in the sun, did the trick to remove air bubbles.
  2. When using the glitter, I recommend pouring it dry into the bezel to give the most optimal coating. However, if you mix it into the resin and then pour, you get a look that isn't as dense.
  3. Another great way to use the glitter is to pour some resin into the bezel and then sprinkle the glitter in. Do this several times. With any luck your glitter will sink to the bottom and create a really interesting texture inside the resin that mimics crystal rocks.
  4. Don't simply cut paper pieces in straight lines, rip them to add extra texture and dimension.
  5. Have fun! Experiencing this kit taught me that there is no wrong way to create jewelry with resin. I tried to include materials that would give the most color, texture, and design options to everyone.

After being inspired by my first resin experience, I think I've been converted to a resin fan for life! Since my day experimenting with the kit, I've been dying to get back and mix up my remaining resin (or even invest in another syringe) and have another go. I think my next project will be to combine metalsmithing and resin–perhaps build my own custom bezel to fill. Not to mention the cold enamels I still have to play with (but that's another blog, and another kit!).

If you want to create your own resin alchemy at home, get started with resin, or even add to your resin collection, you'll love our resin jewelry-making Ultimate Collection! But hurry–there are a limited number, and with so much design potential, this is sure to go fast! Let me know what you make in the comments below, or on Facebook! I want to see how you all use these fun components.


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