Repair, Repurpose, Renew: Learn the Jewelry Fixer's Quick and Dirty Jewelry Fixes

  The Jewelry Fixer's Quick and Dirty Jewelry Fixes live web seminar

You probably have the same little bowl or box in your studio that I have, the one that keeps all the prettiest of the pretty or rarest of the rare treasures . . . that are all broken.

Whether you found them that way, broke them yourself (ouch!), or even bought them that way because they were just too pretty or special to leave at the junk shop or antique store or yard sale (raising my hand!)–not matter how you came to have them, you can't part with them. So what to do?

Enter Terri Haag. You've probably seen her work over the past decade or so in more than 65 articles in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. She's quite a character with an adventure-filled past, and she has created an essential LIVE web seminar for folks like you and me, to help us get those pretty broken or orphaned pieces of jewelry out of our treasure boxes and onto the bench, to get a second life as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Join Terri live on Wednesday, May 6, at 1pm ET for The Jewelry Fixer's Quick and Dirty Jewelry Fixes and learn some bench secrets, quick fixes, and smart products for repairing broken jewelry and repurposing orphaned or broken treasures into jewelry. Click through for more details, and be sure to bring all your questions for Terri's advice!






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