Turn Recycled Scrap Silver Into Kieu Pham Gray’s Sparkling Pendant

Make recycled scrap silver bubble up into a cluster design

By Kieu Pham Gray

What do I hate more than waste? Wasting precious metals. I know I could turn in scrap metal for cash, but it never feels like I am getting a real value. So, I continue to hoard my recycled scrap silver for a project. For this reason, I love projects that allow me to use my recycled scrap silver and one of my favorite tools, a disc cutter.

Not many of us have an arsenal of discs in our collection of raw materials, and definitely not in odd sizes. Having a disc cutter has made spontaneous creating so much easier. As a result, this project was born from recycled scrap silver and a recycled bail.

I had a great start. It is not necessary to match the gauges of sheet metal; it might add a little more interest. The stone colors can be anything you like. Be creative with this one and add your voice to it; place the discs in one cluster or even into a ring formation. Don’t limit the number of discs you use (though an odd number is preferred) and make it as sparkly as you like.

Kieu Pham Gray's Sparkling Recycled Scrap Silver Pendant

Kieu Pham Gray’s Sparkling Recycled Scrap Silver Pendant


Dapping, soldering


  • Sterling silver bail of choice
  • 24g 3/8″ sterling silver discs
  • 24g 5/16″ SS discs
  • 3″ 24, fine silver wire
  • 3-5 3mm round faceted gemstones of choice
  • 3-5 3mm sterling silver tube bezel setting



Steel dap set (block with daps), rotary tool, jeweler’s saw, tube cutting pliers, leather mallet


Solder paste (hard, medium, easy), pickle, butane torch, tripod with mesh, fire tweezers (cross-locking are best), soldering board of choice, steel bowl with pumice


Rotary tool, steel wool

Stone setting

Set of setting burs, stone setting set

KIEU PHAM GRAY has been creating jewelry for almost 20 years. She and her husband, Andy, own and operate The Urban Beader, where they work to provide the industry with specialty supplies and tools. Most recently, she co-founded EverCrafting.com, a social media site for serial crafters.

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