Quick Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Jewelry Tutorial

Photos by Michael Richardson.

One of our most popular posts in all of 2011 was this Japanese 12-in-2 chain maille tutorial from Sara Richardson. I see snowflakes when I see her finished piece–but I'm always wishing for snow this time of year! It also makes a very stylish pendant, or link several together into a bold bracelet. A pair would make wonderful earrings, and can you imagine a necklace made of these designs all the way around? Fabulous!

Quick Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Tutorial
Sara used fourteen 18-gauge 3/16" (4.8mm) ID bright aluminum rings and twenty-four 20-gauge 1/8" (3.2mm) ID purple anodized aluminum rings for this quick tutorial. (These jump rings are from Blue Buddha Boutique.)


1. Open a large jump ring. Thread 8 closed smaller rings onto the open large ring. Close the large ring. Thread another open large jump ring through the same path. Close the second large ring.

2. Add 4 small open jump rings to the larger rings from Step 1. Close the smaller rings. You should now have a total of 12 smaller rings on the two larger rings.

3. Thread a new large jump ring through two of the small rings from Steps 1 and 2. Before closing, add 4 closed small jump rings. Weave on another open large jump ring, making sure it goes through all 6 small rings in this step. Close the second large jump ring.

4. With another open large jump ring, weave through 2 small rings from the middle (Steps 1 and 2). Also weave through 2 of the small jump rings added in the previous step. Then add 2 more closed small jump rings before closing the large ring. Weave a second large ring through the same path and close.

5. Repeat Step 4 three times. As you go along, you'll see a flower pattern begin to emerge.

6. Weave an open large jump ring through the 6 remaining small rings left hanging: 2 from the middle (Steps 1-2) , 2 from Step 3, and 2 from repeating Step 4 the third time. Close the ring. Weave another open large jump ring through the same path, and close that ring.

That's it, you're done!


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