Project Accessory Episode 2 Recap: Swarovski Shoes? Yes Please!


Rich's shoe pattern
Photo by Lifetime Television.

So, what did you think of Project Accessory, episode 2, last night? The designers were challenged to choose a piece of Swarovski jewelry at a Swarovski Crystallized store and then choose a bag full (swoon!) of Swarovski crystals to make a pair of shoes and a piece of jewelry. I was swooning over all the Swarovski fabulousness, but this week's challenge was the very reason I didn't try out for that show–the design and the construction of shoes! I assumed it would be really hard to make shoes and I think I was right… though that masking-tape pattern idea is intriguing.

Nina's sandals and ring
Photo by Lifetime Television.

For the jewelry creations themselves, I loved Nina's ring (and her sandals) and Diego's necklace, and I thought all of Nicolina's pieces were great, though not necessarily my style. David's bold ring and cuff bracelet were amazing! I love that he referred to the ring as subtle. If that's subtle, I'd love to see him go over the top! I agree with the judges, though, that his pieces didn't go well with the necklace he chose as the inspiration piece for all of it.

Diego's necklace
Photo by Lifetime Television.

I didn't like that Adrian was so penalized (I was afraid he was going home!) for forgetting his earrings, when his shoes (the main focus) were so fabulous. I also felt there was too much emphasis on the ensemble instead of on the accessories, which is what the show is about! When a jewelry designer sits down to make a piece of jewelry (or a shoe designer, or a handbag designer…), how much do you think they consider the clothes that it will be worn with? Do you consider that when you make jewelry? I definitely don't. Sometimes I make a specific piece to go with a specific outfit of mine or for a client, but when I'm just creating, I create the piece for the piece alone.

Next week's episode looks interesting. I saw a lot of power-tool use–think it will be jewelry again? Maybe it's time for some hard-core metalsmithing? I hope so!


Meanwhile, join our Project Accessory-inspired Make Along challenge. This week we'll make jewelry (unless you just want to make shoes?) inspired by and/or featuring spectacular Swarovski crystals. And to get you in the mood for working with crystals (like bling needs an invitation!), here's this week's Make-Along special discount, just for Project Accessory fans like you!

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So what did you think of the show? I'd love to hear your thoughts below. And remember, if you missed last night's episode, you can watch it online.  

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