Podcasts: A Perfect Soundtrack for Making Jewelry

podcasts for making jewelry

‘Tis time to make a holidate with yourself. You know–some uninterrupted total immersion time cocooned in your own jewelry-making world. Light a few scented candles, slip into a comfy chair at your work bench, and open up your laptop. Then click on a link or two below so you can listen to podcasts about making jewelry.

Podcasts for Making Jewelry

In his podcast series called Make/Time, host Stuart Kestenbaum interviews jewelry pioneer Tim McCreight about how he got his start. McCreight is a legend as a silversmith, teacher, and author of The Complete Metalsmith and other reference works. A project of CraftSchools.us, Make/Time is loaded with podcasts on other craft topics as well.

Entrepreneur Nicole Stevenson has created Dear Handmade Life, all about the highs and lows of being a member of the creative community. In today’s language of craft, us jewelry artists are MAKERS. So, podcasts targeted at MAKERS can be really helpful. This site contains 84 episodes. Download iTunes (if you haven’t already), and listen to Dear Handmade Life.

podcasts for making jewelry

Perceived Value is probably one of the most intelligent podcasts around. Sarah Rachel Brown breaks through taboos by talking to makers about how they support themselves. A jeweler in her own right, she holds a full-time job and still manages to find time for quality podcasting and making jewelry.

Prefer a British accent? Check out Honest Designers. Their archives contain over 90 episodes.

Barbara Palumbo is hosting The Barb Wire for Instore magazine, a great resource for jewelry store owners. It’s also handy for us maker/dreamer types. She’s two episodes in so far. Listen to a sample.

Again, on a more professional level, check out Inside the Jewelry Trade. If you’re a rock hound, you might enjoy the July 20, 2015, episode featuring Ron LeBlanc, host of the Travel Channel’s Gem Hunt. Another good one is an interview with Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip, February 19, 2018. Although I struggled to locate specific podcasts, the featured guests are a who’s who of the professional industry. One announcer conducts his interviews in an old fashioned, inhuman “radio voice,” which makes listening tedious. But if you get through every episode, you could qualify for an advanced jewelry business degree.

podcasts for making jewelry
vintage Tim McCreight video

Here’s a free gift!

Don’t miss seeing this low-res, 80-minute free video of a young Tim McCreight demonstrating metalsmithing techniques and tools. Trick question: Did Tim really put a hot piece of metal in the pickle pot during his segment on soldering?

Betsy Lehndorff has been writing for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist since 2010. You can reach her at betsylehndorff@gmail.com.

While you listen to the podcasts, use these ideas for making jewelry!