Photoshop Elements: A Tutorial for Jewelry Artists and Photographers

Nearly all of those mouthwatering gemstone and jewelry photographs you see in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine (as well as in some of our books and eBooks and on the covers of our DVDs) are taken by one man, expert photographer Jim Lawson. And now he's going to teach you how to make your own photos look just as fabulous in his next live webinar, Photoshop Elements: A Tutorial for Jewelry Artists and Photographers.


No matter how great your lighting is, how perfect your background is, or how beautiful your jewelry is, it won't look its best in a bad photograph. And even if all of those other things are just right, you're probably still going to need to touch up, change color balance, or at least crop and size every photo that you use to promote your jewelry. Jim will teach you how to do all of that and more using Photoshop Elements photo-editing software in a live webinar on Friday, June 14, 2013, at 1pm ET (that's 12 noon CT, 11am MT, and 9am PT).

Perfect for first-time photographers and jewelry photography veterans alike, you'll learn tips and techniques in Jim's Photoshop Elements webinar that will allow you to create images ready to submit for publication to books and magazines, to apply for juried art competitions, or add a higher level of professionalism and accuracy to your online jewelry shop.

In his Photoshop Elements tutorial webinar, you'll:

  • learn the basics of using the selection tools in Photoshop Elements 11
  • discover how to take a piece of jewelry photographed on a white background to pure white with a drop shadow
  • enhance the quality of your photos as you adjust and gradate your images on any background
  • apply these same techniques to full versions of Photoshop, and more.

In addition to your seat in the live interactive webinar, where you can watch and learn but also ask questions that Jim will answer, you'll also receive:

  • access to a recording of the seminar, so even if you can't attend the live event, you won't miss it
  • a bonus coupon to save 30% off of Jim's video tutorials (How to Photograph Your Jewelry; Shoot, Share Sell; How to Photograph Your Jewelry: Beyond the Basics) or a recording of his first live webinar, Improve Your Jewelry Photography with Lightroom & Photoshop

Reserve your spot now and learn from a pro how to make your gem and jewelry photographs look their best!

Did you miss Jim's first webinar on how to improve your jewelry photography using Lightroom and Photoshop software? It was a huge success and participants learned a lot watching Jim edit photos and explain what each photo needed. A complete recording of the webinar (including all of the Q&A that we did afterwards) is available now, too.

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