People Are Talking About…The Best of 2011 on Jewelry Making Daily

Gosh we had fun last year, didn't we? We did lots of wirework and metalsmithing, a little chain maille (ahem), metal clay of all kinds, and lots and lots of mixed-media jewelry, using fun jewelry-making materials such as enamel, resin, fibers, found objects, and even paper. We created great new how-to videos about working with metal (I loved those brass bangles) and wire, participated in an extremely fun bead soup blog party, learned an amazing new electroforming technique, played along with the Project Accessory show, and so much more.

Last year also marked my one-year anniversary in this fabulous job; we talked about Jewelry Making Daily's most popular posts ever–so far–back then, but what about the ones that really got you talking? I treasure your comments and feedback, so here's a look back at our most commented stories of 2011.

My Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Bead Soup Blog Party
I participated in my first blog party last year and I can't wait for the next one. It was a great exercise in making jewelry outside my comfort zone using materials I wouldn't normally use, and I was very happy with the creative ideas that surfaced during the process–which were encouraged and confirmed by your great feedback! This post got by far the most comments of any Jewelry Making Daily post ever. Thank you for sharing!

Handcrafted Jewelry Tips and Tricks from Bead Soup Blog Party Participants
One of my favorite posts all year, I learned so much blog hopping to see the amazing transformations made by jewelry designers like you, using beads and findings sent to them in the bead swap. I'm continually amazed at the talent shown by literally hundreds of jewelry designers online every day. Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Making Perfect Bezels.
Photo by Wendi Beauford.

Creating Perfect Bezels
This hot topic started on our forums and caught my eye. Lexi Erickson, our soldering queen extraordinaire, offered great advice for creating perfect bezels for your jewelry designs. See what jewelry-making tool is the secret to her success and had everyone talking.

Selling Jewelry Online and Taking Great Photos
How to sell your jewelry online, how to get started with a home jewelry business, how to market it, how to photograph your jewelry–these were all hot topics in 2011 and I'm sure they'll continue to be!

My Chain Maille Adventure
Despite several tries, I've come to terms with the idea that chain maille jewelry just isn't for me–but it sure is just the thing for many of you! It's a fascinating jewelry technique to me, and I was so encouraged by all of your comments and tips.

My beloved wire cutters, after. Now when the blades are closed, the holes glare at me like the snaggly teeth of a jack-o'-lantern.

Ode to My Ruined Wire Cutters: Making Found Object Jewelry
I learned the most while writing about how I ruined my beloved wire cutters and doing research to ensure I knew why it happened and how to avoid repeating it. I was happy to get your comforting comments and also so happy to see that you found my research helpful!

Trash-to-Treasure Jewelry Make-Along
I had a great time making jewelry along with the first few episodes of Project Accessory, and it was fun to post a jewelry design-in-progress and let you help me decide how to finish it.


Look at all the fun we had! And there was so much more. One of my favorite parts of 2011 on Jewelry Making Daily was the cool new eMags we released, including Live Wire and Everyday Bracelets–and now they're available on iTunes! Our eMags are comprehensive resources packed with fun and stylish jewelry projects, tips from your favorite expert jewelry makers and designers, and neat interactive features that changed the way we think about magazines forever, including live links, imbedded video tutorials, and zoomable photos. It's a fun new way to learn jewelry making, and we have more in the works for this year. If you haven't tried one of our eMags yet, don't miss out on all the fun!

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