Pearl Girl: Looking Forward to the Pearl Issue from JCK

K. Brunini seed pearl, South Sea pearl, and diamond earrings. Photo courtesy of JCK.

There's a reason my friends call me Pearl Girl–I've never met a pearl I didn't like! My pearl collection includes South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya (even some I harvested myself–that is incredibly fun!), and a variety of freshwater pearls. There are round ones and pearls of all shapes, baroque and perfectly fine ones, white, every shade of cream, and a variety of natural colors–even a natural blue Tahitian that I found in Tucson earlier this year. I wear pearl earrings every day, and a pearl ring and strand almost every day. I even have a big glass jar of vintage pearl strands in my living room. I love 'em!

So I was especially interested in news about JCK's September pearl issue, loaded with the latest and greatest pearl jewelry design. I love the use of mother-of-pearl in rosewood for a unique modern "pearl" bracelet and in a ring inlaid with diamonds–gorgeous! And I'm swooning over these earrings featuring multiple strands of seed-pearl and diamond-bead chains with a large baroque South Sea pearl at the top, from K. Brunini. Lovely! Which is your favorite?

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