Overcoming a Creative Block and Exploring New Jewelry-Making Supplies & Methods

Sometimes the best way to get out of a creative rut is to do something totally different. In my studio, I have a paper crafting area in addition to a metalworking table (for soldering, enameling, and forming) and an “other” table for jewelry-making supplies like resin, stringing, and wire.

When I’m stuck on the jewelry-making side of the room, I just move to the other side and make something–anything quick, fun, and simple, such as a birthday card. Rubber stamps, glitter, and glue is a pretty far cry from jewelry-making supplies like solder and metal, sure–but it’s still fun and creative, it allows me to finish a project quickly, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get me making again.

But sometimes, it’s not. That’s when I need professional help! Fortunately, help is easy to find.

overcoming creative block and using new jewelry-making supplies

“Everyone who does creative work feels uninspired at times. Don’t worry, help is on the way!,” says Noël Yovovich, a jewelry artist, teacher, and design expert. “Whether it is a morning where you just feel low-energy and grumpy, or you really need to gear up for a commitment and you can’t seem to get started, or suddenly all your ideas seem stale and boring and empty–everybody needs a way back into the flow, to the happy creative place.”

That’s what card making is for me–a quick path back to my happy, creative place, and my ticket out of Unproductiveland. But when the block lasts for more than just a few hours, even glitter isn’t enough.

“To make a regular practice, let alone a profession, out of art or any kind of creativity, you really need a way to unblock and get your inspiration flowing, a way or ways you know you can depend on,” Noël says. That’s what she’s sharing in her new webinar, Unlock Your Best Jewelry Design Ideas with New Methods and Materials: Sketching, Argentium Silver, and More!

Whether your block is a temporary blah and lack of motivation or a deeper, fearful, “self-fulfilling worry,” Noël has time-tested advice to help you overcome it. As a professional jewelry designer and teacher for several decades, Noël has found ways to overcome the same creative blocks we all get and continue being a successful jewelry artist–and she’s sharing them with you.

Unlock Your Best Jewelry Design Ideas with New Methods and Materials:
Sketching, Argentium Silver, and More!

April 28, 2016 LIVE at 1pm ET

overcoming creative block is to use new jewelry-making supplies and more

Noël knows that “a professional, self-employed, independent artist cannot afford to have creative block.” So she’s offering ways to overcome your blocks, as well as how trying new jewelry-making supplies and techniques can help when you might not be blocked but just in a rut and in need of a fresh perspective. (Been there!) With Noël’s help, you’ll “explore tried-and-true techniques to bring out your best creative ideas, from how to use sketchbooks to trying out totally new-to-you techniques and materials, including details on starting to explore Argentium silver–and much more.”

Treat yourself to advice, instruction, and LIVE, interactive time with a jewelry artist and expert. Learn to unblock your creative juices and get back to doing the things that make you happy! Register now to join Noel for Unlock Your Best Jewelry Design Ideas with New Methods and Materials: Sketching, Argentium Silver, and More!

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