Organize Your Studio: 6 Tips for Storing Jewelry Tools and Supplies from Kerry Bogert

I never feel more productive in my studio than right after I spend 30 minutes (or a couple of hours, depending on how far I've fallen!) organizing my jewelry-making workspace and putting things back where they go. No matter how many cute containers I use, I end up with all my tools in a pile right in front of where I work most. But those cute containers are handy when I take a few minutes to give them back what belongs in them–and then my workspace is so spiffy, I can't wait to get started.

Here are six handy studio organization tips from jewelry artist, author, and Interweave book editor Kerry Bogert–along with some eye-candy pics of her own cute containers in her studio.

Jewelry-Making Studio Organization Tips

By Kerry Bogert

Here are some of my favorite ways to keep my studio organized!

lampwork glass and other jewelry making studio organization ideas

1. At my lampworking station, I have a small rod organizer my husband built out of wood and PVC pipe. It helps me keep a few rods of my favorite colors of glass close at hand, and I also keep my stringers and twisties here, too. I have a larger sorting/organizing station just below my kiln that uses gutter spouts to hold each color of glass. Editor's note: An organizer like this would also work for jeweler's files, lengths of wire or metal tubing, hammers, pliers, immersion-method enameling mandrels, and other jewelry tools or supplies. Make them varying heights for optimum versatility.

jewelry making tool organization tips

2. At my desk, I keep my tools in an antique machinist's tool chest that I picked up at an estate sale. I love the smaller drawers; they are perfect for jewelry tools. The top area is nice and deep for my hammers and mallets.

jewelry supply storage organization tips

3. I'm always on the lookout for things that can keep my current projects in one place. So, I pick up wooden drawers, old sewing boxes, and unique containers I come across. What's great is that these lonely drawers can often be found for a dollar at sales!

jewelry making studio organization ideas

4. Assorted glass jars always around, to keep beads from other artists sorted as well.

wire storage accordion folder

5. I keep all my big coils of wire (I order wire by the ounce) in an accordion folder. Each pocket is labeled with the gauge and type (sterling or silver filled, etc.). It's easy to see what I have and what needs to be reordered this way.

hang finished necklaces

6. I've taken to organizing my finished necklaces on my curtain rod! My window is low enough that it is easy to reach up and hook on the necklace. It's not only easy to see what I have but I also get to see the sun come through my glass beads. I love the color it gives off on sunny days! —Kerry

jewelry making studio organization ideas

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