Organize Your Jewelry Making Studio: 3 Steps for Making Your Small Space Work

declutter your craft space

Clutter can seem monumental when working in a small space!

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Picture this: you’ve dreamed of having a room in your house to solely dedicate to beading projects. This room would be stacked high with drawers and cupboards containing your favorite wire and tools, and you’d most likely have a desk set up where you can do your work. This space would be somewhat sacred–it’s a space where you can devote your undivided attention to your work and feel inspired to be creative every day.

The reality is that most of us simply don’t have the room in our homes to create such a space! It’s rare to have a spare room just laying around–many of us are often overwhelmed by household clutter and resort to sprawling out our favorite jewelry projects on the kitchen table, coffee table, or even the floor. However, it is possible to make your small space work for you–check out these three tips!

Even a closet can be a jewelry workspace!

With a little bit of creativity, you can make a small craft space an organized one! Here’s an example of a well-organized craft space in a closet.

  1. Designate a space: It may be difficult to do so, but try to designate a space in your home to devote solely to beading/jewelry making. Maybe this is a corner in your living room, or even a closet (see the photo above for inspiration)! Having a dedicated space to do your projects will make you feel more focused on your work.
    The Mobile Work Table can be easily wheeled into and out of storage.

    The Mobile Work Table can be
    easily wheeled into and out of storage.

  2. Keep your space organized: Clutter and disorganization will branch into other areas of your home, so it’s best to keep things as neat and tidy as possible. Our friends at have some fantastic products designed to keep your craft space orderly, including shelves, drawers, and cube organizers.
  3. Get creative: As an artist, you definitely have some creativity and innovation in you! Use this to your advantage when creating your designated craft space. offers a variety of innovative products to assist you in your journey; here are a few of our favorites:
    The Wall Mount Embellishment Organizer is a great option for those with limited floor space.

    The Wall Mount Embellishment
    Organizer is a great option for those with limited floor space.

Go-Organize.comIf you are still struggling with where to start, offers a couple of handy tools to help you begin your organizational journey. The Ask Your Organizer tool allows you to submit your craft organization and storage questions to a professional organizer for one-on-one advice, while the Design Tool serves as a virtual designer to help you visualize your new crafting space.

I hope that these tips help you create an organized and designated craft space that’s truly your own! If you have your own organizational tips and tricks, please share them in the comments below for a chance to win a Revolving Organizer! Two winners will be randomly selected. The deadline to submit your comment is December 17, 2015, at 11:59 PM Mountain Time. Good luck! –Tammy

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