Is Anyone Out There? Onyx Alien Jewelry Design by Roger Halas

An alien pendant jewelry design celebrates extraterrestrials

By Roger Halas

It’s a symbol recognized throughout the world: the egg-shaped head, the almond eyes, the tiny mouth, the gray skin.

We all know it, and the mere sight of it brings up the notion of intelligent life existing somewhere else in the Universe. Ever since an alleged spaceship crash in Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947, these little entities have been the centerpiece of much of the world’s extraterrestrial mythology. They have even inspired films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and popular television shows like Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

Since so many artists are fascinated by this subject, and that includes jewelers, this jewelry design project will focus on how to make a simple gray alien pendant. Then, we’ll try something different by setting the metal element onto a black stone background. Typically it’s the other way around, stone in metal jewelry design, but we’re talking aliens here, so let’s try something different.


Basic metal fabrication, lapidary


  • 18 gauge sterling sheet
  • 14 gauge sterling round wire
  • Large black onyx cabochon


Torch setup; jeweler’s saw; Foredom or Dremel; files; pliers; nylon hammer; 1/16-inch drill bit; 1/16-inch diamond drill; polishing tools; empty cat food can; aluminum scrap metal; Petrobond sand

jewelry design: Is Anyone Out There? Alien Pendant by Roger Halas

Is Anyone Out There? Alien Pendant by Roger Halas

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ROGER HALAS is a stone cutter, metalsmith, and jewelry designer who specializes in science fiction and fantasy themes. He also works in the film industry as a costume design consultant and prop maker. He can be reached at [email protected] or through Facebook.

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