Ocean Shores – freeform necklace


A few years ago I went to my first bead show in Phoenix. I was overwhelmed by all of the vendors, the beads and the people. But once I saw this bead by Kimberly Affleck, I felt a strange sense of calm.

This is a freeform piece, meaning that there is no actual pattern to the laticework. I wanted to follow the flowing lines and colors from the focal bead so I used a lacing technique. I allowed the colors to flow from greens, to blues to coppers. 

From there I accented parts of the piece with fringe and connecting strands of seed beads. I have also used pearls, semi-precious stones and other glass beads in the piece.

The necklace measures 15 inches from tip to the midpoint of the back of the neck. There is no clasp on this piece, but there is a very wide opening for any head.


You can see this piece at my etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107244154/ocean-shores-freeform-beaded-necklace

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