New Ways to View Basic Shapes with New Stamped Metal Jewelry

One of the things I love about the projects in New Stamped Metal Jewelry is the new ways to view basic shapes you use in everyday jewelry. Common blanks and components aren’t always used in the straightforward way they were intended. Instead, Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe encourage you not to limit your designs to any given shape of a blank.

To envision what they mean and to get your creative wheels turning, check out this FREE Disc Cutter Earrings project from New Stamped Metal Jewelry.


Now, with that handy disc cutter trick in mind, what else could you do when designing your own original jewelry designs?

Lisa and Taryn used a basic mod plaque blank several ways in the book and each time the result is incredibly unique. They layer it in the Riveted Plaque Ring. They punched it and changed the shape in the Wire Stitched Earrings. And they took it a step further by folding it in the Folded Plaque Earrings.

New Ways to View Basic Shapes with New Stamped Metal Jewelry. Plaque Trio

Layer it, punch it, fold it! Each technique offers you a new way to view basic shapes.

But that’s using a fancier shaped blank, what if you go really basic, like a simple disc? New Stamped Metal Jewelry offers new ideas for reinventing the wheel, I mean, disc, too. The neat trick in the free project download shows one idea, but here are a few more.

Try punching a large circle in the middle to create a washer shape. That’s the technique used in the Wire Entrapped Fancy Stone project.

New Ways to View Basic Shapes with New Stamped Metal Jewelry Wire Trap Fancy pendant

If you have discs you started stamping but tossed to your scrap bin because of an error, try cutting out the error to create a new shape. You will be left with a whole new and possibly very cool shape!

Sometimes the way you stamp on a blank can change its shape as well. Stamping along the edge of a disc can give it a neat, textured and ruffled detail.

And last but not least, you can always chop it in half! Stamping a full disc, then cutting it in half and hanging it upside down was how the Half Mandala Earrings were born.

New Ways to View Basic Shapes with New Stamped Metal Jewelry. Half Mandala Earrings

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you’ll find packed into New Stamped Metal Jewelry. Grab your free download now, then grab a copy of the full book right after! We know you’ll be inspired to look at your shapes, stamps, and finished jewelry possibilities in so many new ways.

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

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