New Jewelry Making Daily Editor and a New Handcrafted Jewelry Special Issue!

Over the past six months since our launch, the Jewelry Making Daily community has grown phenomenally. We knew you’d love our mix of top-notch content—from Helen’s metalsmithing tips to Denise’s insider wire-working how-to's and Karla’s interviews with superstar makers. But with this incredible growth, it’s time to hand the editorial reins over to someone who can focus on bringing you all the jewelry-making content you’ve asked for. To that end, the Jewelry Making Daily team is thrilled to introduce our newest member—online editor Tammy Jones. As a skilled jewelry-maker, writer, editor and GIA-certified gem fanatic, Tammy is the perfect one to share the best tips, techniques and inspiration for your own jewelry making. She’ll still wrangle the best content from our editorial team, but only has to answer to you—the Jewelry Making Daily community. So please welcome Tammy, and by all means let her know what she can give you to help you make better jewelry!

Jamie Bogner
Editorial Director, Interweave Jewelry Group

A mother-of-pearl flower with pearl center on
a strand of aquamarine has become a 
Southern Baubelles favorite.
Tammy Jones editor Jewelry Making Daily
Tammy Jones is
the editor of 
Jewelry Making Daily.

Hello, everyone! As the new editor of Jewelry Making Daily, I'm so excited to be joining you in this vibrant community. I feel like I just made thousands of talented and creative new friends!

A Bit About Me
I've been blessed to work in jewelry-related industries for almost fifteen years, with stints for television channels and websites I’m sure you’ve visited. Through this, I’ve come to love helping people pursue their passions and have developed my own obsessions for jewelry and gemstones that are borderline pathological (it’s a common ailment among jewelry makers, I’ve found). While my educational background is in English lit, now I've also earned my G.G.—Graduate Gemologist, but it doubles as gem geek! And, like many of you, I have my own handcrafted jewelry shop on Etsy.

I love the artsy color scheme of turquoise
with red and shimmery gold coral.

While my work started with found objects and genuine gemstone beads, lately I’ve found myself working more and more with wire, metal, and metal clay. As I continue to explore this supple, earthy material and its spectacular transformation into pure pieces of art jewelry, I’ll be sure to share my experience with you—stay tuned for that!

Metal clay earrings I stamped, carved, and
embellished with butterflies punched out
of metal clay sheets. I love how they tinkle!

Good Things To Come
So I've come to the right place, don't you agree? Interweave's commitment to creative arts means the possibilities for us and Jewelry Making Daily are endless and exciting. I look forward to swapping favorite projects and jewelry-making tips with you and seeing all of your many talents. I'm eager to learn alongside you as I expand my skills in metalsmithing, enameling, and lampwork, and I'll be sharing those journeys with you, too. Thankfully, we won’t be alone, and have the amazingly talented Helen Driggs, Denise Peck and other Interweave jewelry editors to help us hone our skills and open doors to new techniques and inspiration.  

Even though I can't know all of you in person, hopefully we can say hello at Bead Fests, Tucson, and other events, and you can be sure I'll be reading your comments and posts on We'll enjoy sharing the wonderful world of jewelry making online in our blogs, forums, galleries, Facebook, and Twitter, where your feedback is always welcome and appreciated! The first thing I want to share with you is the new issue of Handcrafted Jewelry.

Great Beginnings: Handcrafted Jewelry
When I saw the cover of the newest issue of Handcrafted Jewelry, I got excited about my new role all over again. Mixed media! Clay, enamel, and fabric! Collage! Altering metals! And don't forget the rings! Big, beautiful, sassy cocktail rings that you can make in minutes. It's as if the editors made this issue just for me–but I know they made it just for you!

Crafty Cocktail Rings by Jess Italia Lincoln (left) and Danielle Fox (right).

Handcrafted Jewelry is packed full of unique, stylish, and versatile mixed-media jewelry projects for jewelry makers of all skill levels and in just about every medium. The focus on techniques (like altering metals in more than half a dozen easy ways) will allow you (and me!) to broaden your jewelry-making skills while being inspired by dozens of jewelry artists and experts. 

Jewelry-Making Techniques Galore
There's sawing and sewing, filing and fusing, texturing and transferring, enameling and etching. (And dapping and crimping and riveting, oh my!) With so many fun ways and combinations of ways to make jewelry, this special issue of Handcrafted Jewelry serves as a handbook of popular jewelry-making techniques as much as a treasure trove of mixed-media jewelry ideas. I'll probably need to get my pages laminated! Here are some of my favorites.

Autumn Bliss necklace by Barbara Lewis

Turquoise + Red + Copper = Autumn Bliss

Flower Harvest necklace by Ashley Bunting

In addition to the beautiful ribbon and enameled pierced metal in the Autumn Bliss necklace by Barbara Lewis, I'm delighted by the color scheme. The turquoise blues and reds are a favorite color combination I use in my own work, and the copper findings really play well with those colors.

Flowering Around
Flowers are a favorite, recurring theme in my jewelry, so it's no surprise that the Flower Harvest necklace by Ashley Bunting caught my eye. It also features another great color scheme, but the pretty, retro feel of the project could be achieved using just about any colors.

Meaningful Beauty
Kristen Robinson's One Truth Etched Cuff is probably my favorite project in the entire issue. The creamy white freshwater pearl against the turquoise ribbon and altered brass creates both a great color scheme and interesting mix of textures. I admire the "dual-purpose-ness" of jewelry with a message, and being able to use rubber stamps in jewelry making is an unexpected treat. Plus, I adore pearls. Swoon!

Kristen Robinson's One Truth Etched Cuff

The "upcycling" of a plain cuff to an artisan-quality jewelry piece is yet another reason to love this project. Altering old or broken jewelry into something new and personal is a favorite jewelry-making practice of mine. Digging through boxes of previously loved trinkets in antiques stores is like a grown-up Easter-egg hunt for me. I especially enjoy using intricately detailed bits and pieces from the Victorian era, salvaged from old pocket watches, sewing kits, clocks, silverware, and just about anywhere else. The Victorians made everything pretty, and I like helping those pretty pieces shine again.

Speaking of Shiny and Pretty…

The expert craftsmanship of these antique
engraved, pierced brass balance cocks
(rescued from pocket watches dating from the
late 1700s) were the catalyst that sparked my
interest in metalsmithing.

Every piece of jewelry in Handcrafted Jewelry makes me smile. How often do you find a book or magazine in which you love and want to make every project? This is one of those magazines, so I'm off to buy resin and liver of sulfur, dig out my stash of ribbon and paper scraps, and find some metal to alter.

Yes, I've definitely come to the right place. And now that you know all about me, please, tell me about you. What do you like to make? Please show me in the Gallery. What is your favorite jewelry-making medium? What can I do for you on We can discuss it in the Forums. I have a clean slate and a lot of excitement standing by. Happy jewelry making!




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