Net Profits: Who Is Your Target Customer? Pt I

Want to Reach Your Ideal Customer? Know them.

Halstead Inc. is currently collecting submissions for the 11th annual Halstead Grant. Winner gets $7,500 and $1,000 in supplies, to be announced in September. Runners-up get cash prizes and publicity. Huge boost for the budding designer/entrepreneur! If you’re in the early stages of launching your jewelry business, consider submitting. The deadline is August 1, and judging takes place in early September.

ABOVE:  Alexandra Scarlett; Ostra Ring; Freshwater pearl, 18K gold-plated brass, sterling silver

Part of the submission involves describing your target customer, something Halstead president Hilary Halstead believes is a crucial first step in building a successful jewelry brand.

“The more patterns you can define in your customers, the more those marketing decisions will start to unfold before you,” Halstead says. “Once you know who your customer is, you know where to reach them. You know the language they speak, so you can speak directly to them.”

When I helped judge the grant last year, I was impressed with the responses to that question, especially among the finalists. These emerging designers had put some serious thought into their end user.

Net Profits: Who Is Your Target Customer?

Alexandra Scarlett; Akna Collar; Green tiger’s eye, 18K gold-plated brass

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’m posting some wonderful examples from last year’s Halstead Grant finalists this month. I was blown away by the clarity of vision these designers had so early in their careers and how well their ideal customers fit their jewelry brands. Here is the first example (the first of three):

Alexandra Scarlett Jewelry defines her target customer as a millennial woman between the ages of 20 and 35. “This young woman lives in an up-and-coming, bustling city. You can find her working on her blog, styling celebrities, editing magazines, attending art events, shopping for the newest things, and enjoying a cocktail or two with her girlfriends. She is always on the go, effortlessly dressed to impress with a little edge. She wears brands like LNA, Amuse Society, and Rag and Bone. A strong, independent woman who unknowingly inspires others, she’s laid back with a great sense of humor, sharp as a tack. She embraces her inner rebel. Forever a trendsetter who turns the streets into catwalks and inspires real-life fashion, she is the ‘it’ girl.”

Can you define your target customer?

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