Net Profits: Who is Your Target Customer, Pt II

When I helped judge the Halstead grant last year, I was impressed with the responses to the question: “Who is Your Target Customer?” This question is a key component in the application for the Halstead grant and something Hilary Halstead believes is a crucial first step in building a successful jewelry brand.

ABOVE: Olivia Shih; Black Gold Trilateral Ring and Rock Earrings: Acrylic, gold-filled elements, vermeil ring band

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’m posting some wonderful examples from last year’s Halstead Grant finalists this month. I was blown away by the clarity of vision these designers had so early in their careers and how well their ideal customers fit their jewelry brands. Here is the second example (second of three):

Net Profits: Who is Your Target Customer, Pt II. Olivia Shih

Olivia Shih; Black Gold Quartet Necklace: Acrylic, gold-plated silver

Olivia Shih
“My ideal client is a 37-year-old creative who has successfully established herself in her industry. With a bold, minimal aesthetic, she might be an architect, an interior designer, or even a lifestyle magazine editor. She travels frequently for work and enjoys new perspectives. At work, she is the picture of efficiency, but finds meaning in what she does. Her work is important to her. Socially and environmentally conscious, she prefers to shop locally and makes an effort to understand the backstory. Because of her tight schedule, she prefers to shop at well-curated boutiques and galleries. She dresses for herself, not for society or for a partner’s approval. On the weekends, she catches up with her friends while hiking or swimming because she believes in keeping both mentally and physically healthy.”

Can you define your target customer?

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