Net Profits: How to List Your Jewelry Business on Yelp

Not many jewelers put much effort into their Yelp listing, other than to check that the address and phone number are correct. And I don’t know any independent studio jewelers who are posting Yelp business listings themselves.

But if you have a studio and open it occasionally to customers, you are within your rights to register as a business owner on Yelp and get that free listing and powerful link-back to your website.

Net Profits: How to List Your Jewelry Business on YelpNearly three-quarters of consumers searching online for a local business turn to review sites now, and Yelp is a major player. This year, Yelp made the list of the top 20 apps downloaded and used in the U.S.

“Every business owner should be claiming their free business owner account, uploading photos, and writing about the business because that’s going to help their overall search engine optimization,” says Emily Washcovick, a spokesperson for Yelp’s business outreach team.

A great place to start is by downloading Yelp’s ebook guide for business owners. Among other things, it covers best practices for getting your business online, personalizing your online storefront, managing your online reputation, and describes what the Yelp community looks like.

It’s pretty easy — and did I mention free? — to register your business on Yelp. Just go here and fill out the form. Businesses that list hours of operation do best on Yelp, so if you occasionally open your studio to customers, consider designating a certain time slot for that and listing that as your official hours. This can help legitimize your business and push it up in search rankings.

And post those photos of your jewelry! Business pages with 10 or more photos see 200 percent more user views every single day, Emily says.

Once you’re listed, tread carefully about soliciting reviews. Yelp employs an algorithm to remove reviews written by business owners about their own firms and filters reviews it suspects are written by business owners’ employees, friends, and family. Emily suggests linking to your Yelp listing from your website and using the free stickers they send on request.

“Things like linking from the Yelp page to your website and vice versa, from your site to Yelp, are going to help your search engine optimization value,” she says. “We have a lot of SEO clout. We’re a big company with a lot of content, so these listings come up in almost any category you search.”

So, what are you waiting for? Do it! And let us know how it goes in the Comments section below.

CATHLEEN MCCARTHY has written about jewelry and business for Town & Country, Art & Antiques, Washington Post, and her own site, The Jewelry Loupe. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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