My Two Rules for Writing and Making Jewelry + Finding Your Creative Voice With Anne Mitchell

Recently a friend asked me to give her and her young daughter some advice about writing. I shared the two best pieces of advice I remember ever receiving on the topic: 1, find and use your own voice–your own personal fabulous special unique one-of-a-kind entirely you voice; and 2, write without stopping or editing yourself until you've gotten rid of the superficial stuff. Even if you write "I don't know what to write this is so hard to dooo I wish I had a cookie was that thunder?" etc. etc., write out all that mess until you strike oil. Then keep drilling in the good stuff; you can delete the mess later.

Whenever I'm stumped, I try to remember those two rules to unstump myself. And just as I was talking about it with my friend, I realized the same two rules pertain to jewelry making.

Sure, you can learn all the same basic techniques that everyone else learns, and you can even try to reproduce a piece of jewelry that you like during your learning process (without passing it off as your own design, mind you–don't go there!). But in the end, you must find your own jewelry-making style, your own methods, your own ideas. But making jewelry isn't like making dinner; don't just follow a recipe. If you get stumped at making your own jewelry designs, just go through the motions–hammer metal, coil wire, saw out some shapes, play with your stash–until you strike oil.

Learn more about finding and using your own creative voice–in jewelry making, as well as other creative pursuits–in our interactive live webinar with master metalsmith and instructor Anne Mitchell.

Discovering Your Individual Creative Voice and Standing Out in a Noisy World

LIVE web seminar with Anne Mitchell

1pm ET on June 18, 2014

If you feel overwhelmed with all the busy-ness in your life and in your creative environment . . . if you see too much and want to make everything you see but can't seem to actually complete anything . . . if you can't quiet your own mind long enough for your creative spirit to speak to you, this webinar is for you!

Join us on June 18, but don't worry if you can't make it then–your registration includes a complete recording of the presentation, including all of the Q&A, so you won't miss a thing.

Anne is armed with more than 14 years of experience as a metal jewelry artist and instructor, in addition to many years in other creative fields prior to moving into jewelry. In her live web seminar, you can learn how to work through the noise of the modern world, with constant internet and media presence and overstimulation, to develop your own artistic voice. Learn more about Anne's webinar, Discovering Your Individual Creative Voice and Standing Out in a Noisy World, and reserve your spot.

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