Multi-Technique Enameled Pendant

Our design, called "Alchemic Synthesis," combines cloisonné enamel with textured 22K gold sheet, metal clay, the design and creation of custom etching plates, keumboo, and setting faceted and cabochon gemstones.

It was created to explore and combine several advanced and specialized jewelry making techniques into a beautiful but challenging piece.

In the first part of the project, we'll create the etching plates, etch them, and create the textured metal clay pendant backing. After firing, we'll use the "tear away" technique — developed by Celie Fago for metal clay surface design — to transfer the same texture to gold. Our original designs for the etching and tear-away plates were developed on the computer, and we used Adobe Illustrator to create positive and negative images, but you could use any imaging soft-ware to do the same thing. The etching plates were used to im-press patterns on the PMC base. Additional texture was achieved by traditional roll printing in a mill.

In June 2009 Jewelry Artist, in the second part of this project, we'll create the cloisonné, fabricate the pendant, and create the handmade chain for the necklace. We like the way the colorful cloisonné enameling enhances the overall design.

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