Mixed-Media Video Tutorial: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Resin in Jewelry Making

Here’s another great video tutorial I found on Jewelry Making Daily’s sister site, Cloth Paper Scissors. This resin video tutorial will help you get through the fear that we sometimes have about working with resin. I’m guilty of it too–but no more! Read on to see why there’s really nothing to fear about making jewelry with resin.

By Jenn Mason

Fear can keep us from growing. If you’re afraid of heights, you’re not likely to learn how to rock climb. If you fear working with resin, you’re not likely to use it in your mixed media.

Today, I’m here to help you shed your resin fears. I’ve put together a short video on how to work with resin just for you, our faithful newsletter readers. I was inspired to put this little treat together after watching the DVD Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making by Susan Lenart Kazmer. I actually think the DVD should just be titled “Exploring Resin,” because I think it is perfectly applicable to anyone who wants to add this very transforming supply to their list of studio tricks.

Of course, I’ll probably be responsible for snowballing a shortage of resin now that you’ll all be able to see how easy it is to use, but I’m willing to suffer the consequences. Did I mention that this Ice Resin is also non-toxic? That means that there is no horrible smell while you’re working with it!

Click to watch the video

You can see from my video that there is nothing to fear, and so many applications for using this very cool studio supply. If you want to learn more, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making, where you’ll also learn about fixing mistakes, drilling, sanding and making resin casts. Who knew a couple bottles of clear stuff could be so magical?

Cheers! – Jenn

Check out the library of inspiring and instructional videos and books by Susan Lenart Kazmer!


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