Free Guide to Metal Stamping Jewelry

Learn everything you need to know about metal stamping jewelry in this FREE eBook.Metal stamping is a fun way to customize jewelry designs quickly and permanently. It works well on several kinds of metal, and you can highlight your stamped designs with many coloration methods and patinating agents. In this collection, we offer three projects to encourage you to grab a hammer, a few stamps, and some metal, and give metal stamping a whirl with this FREE eBook, How to Stamp Jewelry: Learn Metal Stamping for Design, Texture, or Words.


Use metal stamps to create texture and whimsical patterns as you whip up Kate Richbourg’s Riveted Flower Rings. Add a personal touch by stamping words into metal in Taylor Saleem’s Speak Your Heart bracelet design. Finally, expand your skills and throw a disc cutter into the mix as you combine three metals and accent them with decorative stamping in Joanne Ortiz’s earthy Warrior Princess earrings.

Whether you’re looking to make a patterned design, add some texture, or personalize a piece, incorporate metal stamping jewelry into your process for custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

What’s Inside this Metal Stamping Jewelry Guide?

How to Metal Stamp Rings

Learn how to metal stamp jewelry, such as rings, in this FREE eBook
Turn stacked metal blanks into blossoms by applying your patterned metal stamps to copper and wire. You can even use old tin cans for an upcycled ring project!

How to Metal Stamp Jewelry to Add Texture

Learn how to metal stamp jewelry in this FREE guide.
This tutorial demonstrates that metal stamps for jewelry don’t always have to mean lettering: they can exist to make your texturing easier, like in this earring project.

How to Stamp Jewelry for Personalized Gifts

Learn how to metal stamp jewelry for personalized gifts in this free ebook.
This gift might look sophisticated, but it’ll be among the quickest and easiest pieces you’ll make for your friends. Give it a shot and then take your metal jewelry stamping skills elsewhere to stamp all kinds of metal goods!

You’ll learn just how beautiful metal stamping jewelry designs can be when you download this informative and illustrated ebook, How to Stamp Jewelry: Learn Metal Stamping for Design, Texture, or Words.



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