Metal Stamping Bracelets: Wear Your Tools on Your Sleeve

Although I have a degree in metalsmithing along with the accompanying tools and torches (now that I think about it, my tanks may be empty), I rarely get to break out my jewelry-making skills. When I do set aside a day to play, my go-to technique is metal stamping.

My Latest Metal Stamping Adventure

When my dear friend Hollie, who happens to be the Marketing Manager for Jewelry here at Interweave, invited me to a “meeting” to play with her Jewelry Tools Stamp Set a few months ago, I of course said yes!

metal stamping bracelets with jewelry tools stamps

Isn’t this tool-filled cuff amazing? I want to make one for myself!

The plan was simple: just stamp each ImpressArt design on its own metal disc. As we were working, we decided to go ahead and stamp a ring blank with the jewelry tool stamps, since Hollie had already made an awesome bracelet featuring all of the tools.

Metalsmith. That’s who we are and what we love.

Because Puns are Fun

As we stamped the hour away, we started joking about tool-related puns that would make fun metal-stamped jewelry. I hope I’m not alone in this, but the more we were talking about the idea, the more excited I became. And then, there was just no turning back, we had to make these ideas a reality!

metal stamping bracelets with jewelry tools stamps

Like a rolling mill, you just have to roll with it as setbacks arise during a metalsmithing project.

Roll with It

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of metalsmithing, it’s that you just have to roll with it. Every project has its ups and downs. I know I’m not the only one to shed a tear or a drop of blood in my efforts to create metalsmithing magic. Since it can be hard to remember this little nugget of wisdom while mid-sob, why not have the adage where you can see it?

metal stamping bracelets with jewelry tools stamps

The perfect bracelet to celebrate a metalsmithing victory!

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Whether or not you’ve shed a few tears, there’s nothing quite like the elation of finishing a metalsmithing project. Even if the project went as smooth as butter, I still feel a swell of the heart and a burst of pride at my accomplishment. I love the idea of capturing that moment in a bracelet so I can make it last a little bit longer.

metal stamping bracelets with jewelry tools stamps

You’ve got the tools, techniques, and know-how, so show it off!


There are so many tools and oh-so-many punny sayings to try. (I may have an “It’s Hammer Time” bracelet on my metal stamping must-make list.) For our last bracelet, Hollie and I decided to skip the pun and go with a statement: Metalsmith.

That’s who we are and what we love. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we’ve lit a torch or how much dust has collected on our files. Sometimes it helps to have a reminder, especially during a vacation from metalsmithing creation—however long that might last.

metal stamping bracelets with jewelry tools stamps

Here’s to shorter spells between metalsmithing adventures and happy metal stamping to you!


Let the world know you’re a metalsmith! Show off the tools of your trade in your own jewelry tool metal stamping designs. Put all your favorite tools on one bracelet like Hollie did, or stamp your most beloved tool on a ring or earrings.

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