Metal Magic: Turn Your Treasures into Metal Jewelry Components

About this time last year, we had just released an exciting workshop video and DVD about what has become one of my favorite jewelry-making techniques ever–electroforming.

Now that I've had the chance to try it, I'm still as fascinated by this technique as I was when I wrote about it last year. I'm in love with the ability to coat organic and other unique items with real metals, creating shapes and textures in metal that would be so difficult–or nearly impossible–to create using traditional metal fabrication methods.

It was at only the eleven-second mark in the DVD that I saw this image–and when I knew I had to have it!

If you haven't had a chance to try electroforming yet, learn more below and then instant download the Easy Electroforming for Jewelry video tutorial. Trust me–it is SO MUCH FUN!

Metal Magic: Electroforming Organic and Other Materials for Jewelry Making

For weeks now, my friend and co-worker Denise Peck (editor of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, author of great jewelry-making books, and host of fun and instructional jewelry-making DVDs) has been teasing me with photos of her electroformed pieces of organic material, such as seed pods and tiny flowers that she turns into amazing unique jewelry.

Her new electroforming DVD is finally finished, and I'm so excited about the possibilities for turning all the stuff–leaves, bits of sea creatures, seed pods, acorn caps, and other bits that I've been collecting in nature for years–into jewelry. I have tons of seashells and sea creatures saved from beach trips with my mom, flowers and seed pods collected in my grandmothers' yards and gardens, pressed flowers saved from various authors' graves and gardens during a semester in England, and so many more bits and pieces–all of which can become meaningful jewelry mementos.

You might be thinking, "Hold on, missy. What is electroforming, anyway?" I'm so glad you asked!

What is Electroforming?
Simply put, electroforming allows you to use low-voltage electricity to coat organic (and other) objects with a layer of real metal. All of the intricate designs in patterns you see on seashells, leaves, flower petals, acorns, etc., could take days to re-create using traditional metal fabrication techniques–if you can do it at all. But with electroforming, you can preserve and display those pieces in real metal, such as copper, silver, even gold and others.

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If you'd like to see more of Denise's electroformed creations and learn the rest of the process for electroforming found objects, natural/organic materials, and just about anything else (and I know you do!), instantly download her Easy Electroforming for Jewelry video workshop (also in HD).

P.S. Check out my fun experiments with electroforming too–and see how much fun I had!

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