Merry Christmas from Jules, the Head Jewelry Design Elf in Santa's Workshop!

Allow me to introduce myself–I am Jules, the Head Jewelry Design Elf for Santa. Things are down to the wire, and Santa will be leaving in a few minutes to deliver all the gifts. We can relax as everything at my end has been done. The Polishing and Final Stone-Setting Department elves are frantically finishing up and sending their work to the Gift Wrapping Department. Whew!

Fretz Raw Silk Texturing Hammer

What a hectic season this has been, but it has been helped by some really great jewelry-making tools that we get to use . . . as long as we can keep them out of the hands of those sneaky Toy Department elves!

Well, it all started when Chuck, the EIC (Elf in Charge) of the Toy Department, wandered in for a friendly visit during our hourly candy-cane-and-cocoa break. As we were working furiously with the large variety of hammers that our most innovative Senior Tool Designer Elf, Billy, had designed, I noticed Chuck watching everyone closely. When he left, we discovered we had "misplaced" our favorite Raw Silk hammer, which gives such a beautiful texture. Well, that happens sometimes . . . we put something down and then can't remember where we put it. I'm sure that never happens with you, but elves are always working so fast we forget where we put things.

Fretz Sharp Texturing/Raising Hammer

But after Chuck came back to check on how we were progressing with a crown for a princess doll, we noticed we had "misplaced" our Double Insert hammer with all of the inserts. Strange, don't you think? OK, strange things happen here all the time at this magical place, but when the entire Toy Department came back 5 minutes later to bring us a large plate of snowman cookies, we noticed the Sharp Texturing/Raising Hammer, and the entire set of our DVDs that our elf, Billy, had produced were gone. Those DVDs are shown to all our new jewelry elves to instruct them how to use the hammers he made. Yep, they had been "lost" somewhere in the studio.

We're starting to get a bit suspicious of Toy Department elves bearing cookies. I mean, isn't it bad enough that the toy elves get all the publicity? They have to "borrow" our tools, too?

Now, Chuck isn't really a bad guy, I mean, he is quite charming, and you can't really blame him–who wouldn't want one or more of Billy's beautifully designed hammers? Those hammers help us with every piece of jewelry we make. They make our work elegant and much easier to do, so we will sit down and have a serious "Come to Santa" meeting after Santa returns and rests from tonight's long trip. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe the toy elves will get their own set of new hammers.

Lexi's–er, Jules's wall of Billy's (Fretz) hammers

In the meantime, all of you who asked Santa for Billy's hammers, stakes, and DVDs, they were safely packed on Santa's sleigh before Chuck and the Toy Department elves could get their tiny hands on them. I hope you enjoy them and make beautiful jewelry!

From the North Pole, we wish you all the Merriest of Christmases . . . and to all a good night!

(aka Lexi)

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