Memorial ash bottles with tiny beads inside

I bought these chains the very simple Pandora style chains that you can add the large hole charms or beads 2, and then I purchased these bottles separately on Amazon I believe and got some of my grandparents ashes and very very carefully and very very precisely filled for different tiny bottles and added three or four little pretty really small light green seed beads too kind of represent some beauty inside the ashes which you can't really see unless you look closely and then I put two different colors and or styles of the large hole beads on either side of the removable bottle which I used a lobster clasp and a split ring so that they could take the bottle of ashes off if they just wanted to wear the necklace with just the one large hole B or a different beach to it so I wanted them to be able to put it on a bracelet or anklet or you know whatever they want to attach it to it doesn't have to be that specific chain but I did one for myself my mother and my two daughters and I picked everybody's favorite colors and attached them/strung them on the sides of each of the bottles and this wasn't necessarily a difficult or you know project that I had to have somebody teach me how to do, it was more or less me getting to know and becoming comfortable with the tools and using the split ring tweezers tool for the very first time and also working with those little tiny bottles and trying to figure out a way to attach them to something and then super glue them shut so that they would be secure regardless of what they were lobster clasped to, and to confirm that they would not open up! 

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