Master Torch-Fired Enameling Basics and Beyond with Barbara Lewis

Have you ever admired the work of a jewelry artist and wished you could learn from them? Wished you could send them photos of your work and get their help on improving it? Well get ready, because Barbara Lewis is your personal enameling guru for three weeks in her upcoming CraftU course, Torch-Fired Enamel Basics: A Painting with Fire Workshop.

Torch-Fired Enamel Basics: A Painting with Fire Workshop with Barbara Lewis on CraftU

If you've been reading JMD very long, you've surely seen me rave about Barbara's torch-fired enameling techniques and how much fun I've had learning with her; now you can have that fun yourself, at your own pace, in your own home. If you can't make it to Tucson, Bead Fest, or any of Barbara's other classes, this is a great opportunity to learn from an expert instructor who developed her own unique new enameling techniques and patented enameling supplies. Plus with a dozen lessons over three weeks, you'll have time to learn so much more than you might in a day-long course. You'll be busy for months and months playing with all the new techniques you'll learn and making enameled jewelry. I'm still experimenting and enjoying techniques I learned in class with her three years ago.

Barbara Lewis's enameled flower jewelry

In Tucson earlier this year, our marketing specialist Ashley and I dropped by Barbara's class and shop, and Ashley got a mini enameling lesson from Barbara. Look how much fun they both had (below) when Ashley enameled her first bead! She was hooked immediately, just like I was in the same class a few years ago. And though I've studied every inch of Barbara's books and videos, I'm still taking this CraftU class so I can keep learning from one of my favorite teachers in the industry.

learning torch enameling with Barbara Lewis

In 12 expertly crafted lessons, you'll learn all about enameling with a torch, including everything from enamel powders and other enamel forms like liquid and whiskers to the torch and safety guidelines, from the supplies that will make your work easier to special techniques like overfiring (on purpose), enameling on mesh, and mixing colors–plus making enameled head pins, glass flowers, and more. I'm especially looking forward to learning more about controlled overfiring, using enamel to join pieces that have been enameled separately, and how to use different parts of the flame to create different colorful effects on one color of enamel.

enamel powders
I've been getting my enamels organized in new matching little containers, ready to take Barbara's class!

I can't think of a technique that gets you really creating faster–you'll be making colorful enamel beads or metal shapes in literally minutes! (Just like Ashley, above.) Then you'll progress through the lessons, gaining experience to master the process with bright, clean colors, even coverage, enameling on three-dimensional as well as flat surfaces, and special effects. I love enameling so much, I can't help but gush about how much fun it is–and Barbara is such an amazing teacher.

Treat yourself to a class with Barbara from the comfort of your own home and learn at your own pace in her new CraftU course, Torch-Fired Enamel Basics: A Painting with Fire Workshop. You'll get 12 lessons with Barbara for only $69! Sign up soon, seats are limited and I bet they'll go fast!

P.S. If you don't have enameling supplies already, check out Barbara's enameling kits! And if you aren't familiar with learning online, read all about CraftU here!

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