Master Torch Enameling: Learn Basics and Beyond LIVE with Laura Bracken

I know you’ve heard me say how much I love torch enameling, and I’m so happy that many of you have learned to do it and love it, too! But if you haven’t learned the joys of torch enameling yet, we have a great new opportunity for you to learn the basics and beyond in a LIVE web seminar with Laura Bracken, an expert jewelry artist and teacher.

Whether you’ve been enameling for awhile or never touched a torch, Laura’s presentation is for you. I just reviewed it so I could tell you all about it, and I’m amazed at the amount of information she is sharing in just one webinar! She covers the preliminary essentials–types of enamel, how to clean your metal, safety procedures, tools and supplies, etc.–and then outlines the steps of torch enameling and how to identify each stage in the process.

Then, for those just learning as well as more experienced enamellers, she shares several beyond-basics enameling techniques and “add ons” that give even more artistic flair to your enameled pieces, including how to:

  • use stencils and rubber stamps for eye-catching patterns and designs
  • draw your own designs in enamel (sgraffito)
  • incorporate glass threads, beads, and wafers for interesting patterns
  • create bold imagery with ceramic decals
  • do a “quasi cloisonné” technique
  • use enamel paints, frit, gold pen, and more
Some of these trivets are for torch enameling and some are not. I wonder what the difference is?

Enameling is such a fun, artistic way to add beautiful color to your metal jewelry designs. It feels a bit like magic, turning sometimes drab powders into bright colorful glass. Being able to do Old World as well as modern specialty techniques in addition to the color allows you to express and distinguish yourself as an artist in limitless ways. So don’t delay, Torch Enameling Basics and Specialty Techniques LIVE with Laura Bracken is this Wednesday, July 15 at 1pm ET

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