Master Jewelry Design: Join Us for a FREE Webinar on CAD Jewelry Design Technology

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a piece of jewelry, only to discover after a bit more thought that it was nearly impossible to render on paper or, worse, in metal? Do you dream of being a professional jewelry designer someday? How would you like to be able to perfect a jewelry design from both a design and a structural standpoint before ever touching a tool or bit of metal?

If any of those situations describe you, it’s time to learn more about computer-aided jewelry design.

What is computer-aided design?

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) have rapidly changed and continue to change the jewelry industry, for artisan jewelers, professional bench jewelers and jewelry designers, and major jewelry manufacturers. Processes that would normally take many hours (too many hours to be cost effective) and require specialty tools can now be done in a fraction of the time using a computer alone–no tools, no supplies, no waste, no tears! CAD involves using a computer during the jewelry design process to help you perfect all those little design nuances and structural issues before ever touching a piece of metal; CAM involves using a computer to manage the jewelry manufacturing process, such as 3D printers, milling machines, etc.

learn how CAD can help your jewelry designs

With CAD/CAM working together, jewelry designs that were once nearly impossible to create with standard metal fabrication techniques are now easier to bring to fruition, from concept to physical jewelry–in less time, more precisely, and less expensively. Would you like to be able to do that, to easily create more complex jewelry designs? You can learn all about it in our FREE CraftU web seminar presented by The Jewelry CAD Academy, “Become a Proficient CAD Modeler to Save Time, Cut Costs and Create Unique Pieces.”

Jewelry CAD is useful for even beginner jewelry designers, and monthly subscription options make it affordable as well. And you can learn more about it for free in our upcoming webinar!

What is this web seminar about?

“Become a Proficient CAD Modeler to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Create Unique Pieces” is an introduction to an in-depth jewelry CAD course offered by the Jewelry CAD Academy. It begins with the absolute basics and continues through advanced modeling, allowing you to choose from hundreds of options for ring shanks, bail shapes, stone shapes, settings like pave, channel, or tension, and so much more–all with the click of a mouse.

see how you can make jewelry designs with CAD

Once you’ve gotten some basic knowledge and see all the ways computer-aided jewelry design can help you, you can sign up for the jewelry CAD course we’ll offer next on CraftU, which will teach you all about the Jewelry CAD Dream LITE software, which is an affordable, “extremely capable modeling platform” with information applicable not only to jewelry CAD but to CAD of all types. Throughout the duration of the course, should you decide to sign up for it, you’ll be allowed to practice on the Jewelry CAD Dream LITE software and hone the skills you’re learning along the way.

learn more aobut jewelry design with CAD

The Jewelry CAD Academy: Become a Proficient CAD Modeler
to Save Time, Cut Costs and Create Unique Pieces

June 6, 2016, at 1pm ET

(Can’t attend the live event at 1pm ET on June 6? Don’t worry–a recording from the live session will be uploaded within a week after the live event, so you can watch at your leisure for up to 30 days or download it for future reference.)

Where do I sign up?

With CAD, you can create more complex designs, maintain a virtual inventory, easily correct mistakes, provide endless customization and alterations for your customers, and so much more. If you’re ready to expand your jewelry design capabilities and add a new feather in your jewelry education cap–or if you at least want to learn more about CAD to see if it’s right for you–join us for a free introduction to jewelry CAD and CAM. It’s a great next step in your jewelry-making journey! Join us for the FREE web seminar on computer-aided design through our sister site, CraftU. Remember: The seminar is completely free, but you still have to register to receive all the details on how to watch the presentation.

Who is the instructor?

After graduating college with a degree in physics, Arran Sly searched for a creative outlet that would also maintain his interest in computing and problem solving. Jewelry CAD was the perfect fit. Working under a classic jeweler with over 30 years at the bench and over 15 years in CAD, Arran developed his love for the industry. Now, he and his mentor have created the Jewelry CAD Academy. With an intricate knowledge of both bench work and software, jewelry CAD is a unique opportunity for people to learn how to design jewelry the right way.

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