Make Wrapped and Double-Wrapped Loops for Pretty Summer Earrings

Ah, it's summer. Or maybe I should say, "Whew! Summer!" I don't know about where you are, but Louisiana is sure living up to its reputation as a summer sauna for my first summer down here. It has required a bit of a lifestyle change; my standard sundress and lightweight cardigan wardrobe has turned into lightweight cotton tees and linen skirts–or even linen sundresses. Anything to keep just a smidge cooler!

I love these Glittery Ears earrings by Jamie Hogsett.

I've also started limiting my jewelry wearing, such as necklaces. When it's 100 degrees and 100% humidity, the idea of hanging a chain around my neck is just too much to bear. But earrings . . . earrings have become my new best friend! So I've been on the lookout for inspiring new earring projects to make so I don't miss out on the bling entirely this summer. I found dozens of pretty, dangly earring eProjects in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop, and–bonus!–jewelry-making eProjects are all 30% off through July 13!

Pretty Tear Drops Earrings by Melody MacDuffee

In order to make many of those pretty dangly earrings, you're going to need to know how to make wrapped loops and maybe even double wrapped loops. Jean Campbell, bead jewelry designer and author extraordinaire, senior editor of Beadwork magazine, and a contributing editor to both Jewelry Making Daily and Beading Daily (whew, she's busy) shared how to make wrapped loops and double wrapped loops with the Beading Daily crew, so I snagged some of her tips and tricks to share with you.

Here's how Jean makes double wrapped loops, which she learned from her friend, jewelry designer and author Jamie Hogsett.

How to Make a Double-Wrapped Loop

Jean started her chunky wrapped-loop link with a regular wrapped loop so she could string a bead, leaving about 7" of tail wire on top of the bead.

    1: Use the tip of chain-nose pliers to grasp the wire right above the bead. Form a 90° bend in the wire.
    2: Use round-nose pliers to grasp the wire at the bend. Pull the tail wire up and over the top of the pliers’ jaws.
    3: Change the position of the pliers so the bottom jaw is in the loop.
    4: Swing the tail wire under the pliers’ jaws.
    5: Keep the tail wire horizontal as you coil it tightly down the neck wire.
    6: Instead of trimming as you would a regular wrapped loop, wrap the tail wire over the previous wraps.
7: Continue all the way up to the top loop. You could trim here for a double-wrapped loop or . . .
8: . . . wrap back down the coils for a triple-wrapped loop. Flush cut any extra tail wire and use chain-nose pliers to tuck the tail wire in.

So grab your wire, crystals, beads, and pliers (and some cold lemonade, whew!), find some air-conditioned comfort, and take advantage of the great eProjects 30% off sale for summery dangle earrings as well as other earrings, necklaces (if you dare!), bracelets, rings, and more. Hurry, the sale ends July 13!

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