Make Wire Rings in Minutes, Perfect for Holiday Gifts and Parties

Gift-giving dates will soon be upon us, and I bet many of you like to make handmade gifts for your friends and family. Time to get started! A fun, fast, and easy project to make for friends and family is the versatile wire ring. With minimal supplies that you probably have on hand–wire, pliers, maybe a hammer and some sort of mandrel–you can whip up wire-wrapped rings in no time.
learn to make quick wire rings with or without gems, beads, and crystals

Add some beads or crystals to your wire rings for even more design opportunities. Plus, you can modify this technique to whip up a sparkly and festive cocktail ring to keep you party-ready throughout the upcoming Sparkle Season! It’s fun to wear an eye-catching ring to a dinner party or just for everyday, especially if it’s a conversation-starter that you’ve made yourself. Many jewelry sales are made that way!

Copper Top Ring by Denise Peck

Have fun creating rings like this one by Denise Peck, and then read on to see how you can learn to make several more wire ring designs, just in time for the holidays.

I made a similar sterling silver ring once using a faux pearl bead, a tiny Swarovski crystal bead, and a disc of abalone. It took less than ten minutes to make!

Learn several more quick and accessible wire ring-making techniques in Eva Sherman’s two new videos, Freeform Organic Rings and Coiled Wire Rings. In these two videos, you’ll learn several wire ring projects and see how to punch up basic wire rings with design elements like wire coils, beads, crystals, and more–no soldering required! There can be a different ring on every finger in your family in no time!

P.S. These projects are accessible enough to make during a fun afternoon or evening of jewelry making with loved ones. Have a jewelry-making party!



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