Make Wire Rings with Eva Sherman in Minutes, Perfect for Gifts and Parties

Many gift-giving days will soon be upon us, and I know many of you like to make gifts for your friends and family. Time to get started! A versatile, fast, and easy gift idea for friends and family is to make wire rings. With minimal supplies that you probably have on hand–wire, pliers, maybe a hammer and some sort of mandrel–you can whip up wire-wrapped rings in no time. Plus, ring making is so much fun!

Add some beads or crystals when you make wire rings for even more design opportunities. Plus, you can modify this technique to whip up a sparkly and festive cocktail ring to keep you party-ready all year long. It’s fun to wear an eye-catching ring to a dinner party or just for everyday, especially if it’s a conversation starter that you’ve made yourself. Many jewelry sales are made that way, hint hint!

Copper Top Ring by Denise Peck

Copper Top Ring by Denise Peck

Have fun creating rings like the Copper Top Ring by Denise Peck, and read on to see many other ways to make wire rings.

I made a similar sterling silver ring once using a faux pearl bead, a tiny Swarovski crystal bead, and a disc of abalone shell. It took less than 10 minutes to make! Once you’ve learned this basic ring-making technique, the possibilities of elements you can stack into rings are truly endless.

Learn to Make Wire Rings with Eva Sherman

You can master several more quick and accessible wire ring-making techniques in jewelry artist Eva Sherman’s videos, Wire Bezeled Stone Rings, Fast, Fun & Fashionable Rings, Variations on a Wire Flat-Spiral Ring, and Coiled Wire Rings. In these videos, you’ll learn several wire ring projects and see how to punch up basic wire rings with design elements like wire coils, beads, crystals, and more–no soldering required. There can be a different ring on every finger in your family in no time!

wire ring making by Eva ShermanBeyond Basic Wire Ring Making: Add Gems and Soldering

Once you’ve got wire ring making down, you’re probably ready to go further with more advanced ring designs. If you’re attending Bead Fest in August, Eva is teaching fantastic classes on ring making, including stone setting and more.

Simple Soldered Rings by Eva Sherman at Bead Fest

Eva’s Simple Silver Soldered Rings can be the basis for just about any kind of ring you’d like to make. Learn simple soldering techniques using a butane micro torch and turn humble wire into one-of-a-kind ring designs in minutes! You’ll also learn techniques in filing, fabrication, and stone setting when you make THREE rings! Soldering experience not required!

ring making: Eva Sherman's Three Stone Ring at Bead Fest

Nothing adds color, value, and interest to rings like gemstones! In Eva’s Three Stone Ring class, you’ll do just that when you set three colorful gemstones on a multi-band wire ring using a butane micro torch and helpful pre-made bezels.

ring making_ Eva Sherman's Ring Squared class at Bead Fest

Switch things up a bit! Use square wire to create a ring with a totally different, totally modern feel. (Personally I think square wire makes a more comfortable ring, too.) In Eva’s Ring Squared Bead Fest class, you’ll learn to set a bold, colorful gemstones in a modern square ring made of square wire. You’ll shape, hammer, solder, and size your ring before finishing with a tube-set gemstone.

See all of Eva’s classes and other Bead Fest workshops!

Updated July 19, 2018. Original blog published November 19, 2014. 

Learn ring making with Eva Sherman!

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