Make Sparkling Colorful Earrings and See Swarovki's Latest Innovations

  Photo by Swarovski.

I don't usually do a lot of beading, but when I receive information about the latest crystal and bead offerings from Swarovski, I turn into a magpie who has to have all the sparklies!

With their latest release, my mind was all awhirl with project ideas for Swarovski's cushion-shaped fancy stones and Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski's Crystalactite pendants that are shaped like icicles. I love their irregular, asymmetrical design, and I can't decide whether to turn mine into a spiky cuff bracelet or dangling earrings . . .

Photo by Swarovski.  

The cushion-shaped fancy stones look like fine gemstones, and I found a great way to use them in the Swarovski Create Your Style inspiration projects. Look how modern and artistic the large cushion-shaped fancy stone and other Swarovski stones look encased in black. We could easily recreate a similar look using epoxy clay or tinted resin, don't you think? I also want to set one in a big sparkly cocktail ring. Watch for these projects on JMD in the next couple of weeks!

Meanwhile, take advantage of Swarovski's stunning color palette (which was recently updated with a summer-worthy juicy tangerine color) and create these bright and cheerful wired-crystal earrings, designed by Lindsay Burke at Fusion Beads. They're perfect accents for summertime ponytails and the all-white or brightly colored warm-weather clothes you'll be wearing to graduations, weddings, barbecues, and vacations that abound this time of year. Plus you can modify them in any color palette that suits you and make pairs to wear year-round.

Colorful Wrapped Wire Teardrop Earrings
by Lindsay Burke

Photo by Fusion Beads.


6' of 26-gauge fine silver wire
(2) 22-gauge 3.3mm ID sterling jump rings
(2) 22-gauge 4.8mm ID sterling jump rings
(2) 40mm x 28mm sterling silver flat teardrop components
Swarovski crystal beads:
   (2) 3mm fuchsia bicones
   (2) 3mm blue zircon bicones
   (2) 3mm topaz bicones
   (2) 3mm Indian pink AB bicones
   (4) 4mm olivine round
   (2) 4mm blue zircon round
   (2) 4mm Indian red round
   (2) 4mm lime round
   (4) 4mm Indian pink round
   (4) 6mm amethyst graphic cubes
   (2) 9mm x 6mm indicolite drop beads
   (2) 20mm sterling silver flat ear wires
chain-nose pliers
flush cutters



1. Anchor a 3' length of wire to the right side of a teardrop component by wrapping it around the component twice.

 2. Add an indicolite-colored crystal drop bead, and anchor the wire by wrapping it around the component twice. The bead should rest on the inside lip of the component.

3. Add a 4mm lime round bead and anchor the wire by wrapping it around the component twice. The bead should rest on the inside lip of the component.


Read on for the rest of this project, and for more spectacular crystal and wire projects, check out our new eBook, 10 More Wire and Crystal Projects. The first one was so popular, we had to make another one! Download yours now and be sparkly in time for dinner.

P.S. Learn more about Swarovski's newest crystal offerings and get inspired with 7 Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements earring designs.

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