Make Quick & Easy Jewelry To Sell: 101 Stylish Wire Earrings and Ear Wires

Super simple, super stylish Carnelian Coils by Denise Peck.

I often get asked for advice from jewelry makers interested in making and selling jewelry at craft shows, online, or in local shops and markets. Making jewelry to sell is one of the first things that came to my mind when I was looking through Denise Peck's 101 Wire Earrings recently.

The projects in this book have what I think are the most important features when it comes to choosing jewelry designs to make and sell at markets and craft fairs: they're quick to make, they feature a variety of materials in all price ranges, there's a variety of styles, and one size fits all. Add in super-hot handcrafted ear wires, and the sky's the limit.

Earrings Are One Size Fits All
Earrings are an ideal candidate for making jewelry to sell because earrings always fit. You don't have to worry about making the same piece in a variety of sizes, which can create an expensive and sometimes wasteful amount of excessive inventory.

Less Time = Lower Price Points
The earring projects in 101 Wire Earrings are quick; all are marked with a skill level of one to three, indicating an estimated work time of 5 to 10, 10 to 20, or 20 to 30 minutes. When's the last time you finished a jewelry project in under 30 minutes? How about in 5 minutes? Generally the less time it takes to make a piece of jewelry, the less you have to charge for it in order to make a profit–and lower price points naturally sell better at markets and fairs.


Variety: Style and Materials
In addition to speed and no sizing, the earring projects in 101 Wire Earrings: Step-by-Step Projects and Techniques have variety on their side–another bonus when making jewelry to sell. Style-wise, the earring projects range from incredibly simple and elegant to mod and contemporary to more handcrafted and artisan-looking styles. Plus every jewelry-making material you can imagine is featured, including wire, chain, gemstones, lampwork glass beads, crystals, clay and ceramic beads, metal and plastic components from the hardware and elsewhere, even rubber rings. That variety of materials also helps keep making costs down, which translates to lower selling costs.

There's a project style, design, and material for every jewelry maker in the 101 wire earring projects, and every single one is an eye-catcher–another important factor when selling jewelry. Here are some of my favorite earring projects from 101 Wire Earrings to get your creative juices flowing.

Asian Influence earrings
by Denise Peck
Flourish wire earrings
by Leslie Rogalski
Mobiles copper earrings
by Denise Peck

Unique Ear Wires
Handcrafted unique ear wires are so hot. They allow you another way to personalize your earring designs, making them truly handmade from end to end. If you combine some of these 101 earring designs with your own unique handcrafted ear wires, mix-and-match style, I'm going to go out on a limb and say there's an unlimited number of earring design possibilities for you to make! You'll have the coolest jewelry selection in the whole market, full of truly handmade and one-of-a-kind offerings. It's such an easy way to add variety, too. You learn to make unique head pins in the book, and each one of them can become a variety of unique ear wires. Plus 101 Wire Earrings features a nice dose of unique ear wires in with the wire earring designs, such as these, all by Denise Peck:


Crystals2 Marquis Primitive Wheels
Seawater Swirled Swirls Winding Roads

So whether you are looking for quick and easy jewelry designs to make and sell, are crazy for unique earrings and ear wires, or both, 101 Wire Earrings is an almost limitless resource of design inspiration. And if 101 isn't enough, go big with our Ultimate Earrings Collection of informative resources, jewelry-making tools, and earring supplies, while they last!

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