Beat the Heat: How to Make Lightweight, Colorful, Affordable Soutache Jewelry for Summer

When summer arrives, I officially switch into my summertime trying-not-to-melt uniform: tees, skirts, sandals. Sometimes it can get too hot for jewelry, though it pains me to admit it. But I think I’ve found a solution: fiber jewelry, specifically soutache jewelry!

Lightweight, colorful, and affordable, soutache jewelry is perfect for summer (and for anytime, really), and you can find 15 soutache jewelry projects in Csilla Papp’s book, Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making. I love how versatile the projects are; because they’re so lightweight, you can make two of the pendants and turn them into eye-catching, ponytail-perfect earrings–or make one of the earrings and use it as a pendant.

make soutache jewelry like this India Choker by Csilla Papp

India Choker by Csilla Papp

I plan to make three different components in the same colorway and use them together on a necklace. Modifying the already beautiful designs for your own one-of-a-kind jewelry is easy with these versatile projects. Plus they’re great for beginning jewelry makers, including teens! Plus, it’s all torch free!

The most important part of making soutache jewelry is how to attach and build the soutache braid around a focal piece or incorporate components into the braid. It seems difficult, because they have no holes. But here’s a snippet of how that’s done.

Attaching Soutache Around Components

By Csilla Papp, from Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making

learn how to make soutache jewelry

  1. After you’ve applied the beading foundation [with glue, shown in detail in the book], thread your needle, cut the thread into a comfortable length, and tie a knot at one end. Cut the soutache braids to the length specified in the instructions. Align one piece of braid with the bead on one side, leaving a tail roughly 2″ long or the length given in the project. Insert the needle into the foundation and sew through the groove of the soutache braid.
  1. Stitch down approximately 1/8″ from the previous spot and go back through the braid and the foundation.
  1. Work down one side of the bead, stitching the soutache in the same way. Always place your stitches in the groove of the soutache and make sure your needle enters the beading foundation at a slight angle. —CP
learn how to make affordable, lightweigt, colorful jewelry for summer, like this Palma Pendant by Csilla Papp

Palma Pendant by Csilla Papp

With Csilla’s basic technique, you’re on your way to creating soutache jewelry. She continues with how to add more soutache braids to the piece, modify the technique if your component has a hole, and attach braids around an open ring for interesting negative space in your projects. And everything else you need to know about soutache jewelry making–including 15 pretty projects!

from Sensational Soutache Jewelry book

You can master this fun, summer-friendly technique in our Sensational Soutache Collection. In this special-value bundle, you’ll get the Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making digital book by Csilla Papp, access to the on-demand webinar on how to make soutache jewelry, and three digital soutache jewelry projects for even more soutache style!

learn to make the Apollo Pendant by Csilla Papp and other soutache jewelry

Apollo Pendant by Csilla Papp

P.S. Learn more about soutache jewelry and see some of the beautiful projects from this book.

Begin your colorful soutache journey with this fabulous book!


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