Summer Jewelry Making: 3 Free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Summer Colors

If you like summer time, then you'll LOVE these 3 FREE summer jewelry making projects inspired by summer colors and trends.What is your favorite summer color combo? Nautical navy and white? Patriotic red, white, and blue? Ocean blues and sandy tans? That’s it for me—blue skies, blue-green oceans, and all the cream and tan shades in the sand and shells I find on the beach. You can keep those beach vacation memories with you all summer long and learn to make summer-inspired jewelry in our free summer jewelry eBook, Jewelry for Summer: Jewelry Designs Inspired by Summer Colors.

Whether it’s the pretty periwinkle blues and pinks on the back of seashells and in the sunset over the ocean, the clear crystal blue of the sea and sky, or the warm tan colors of seashells, sand, and tanned toes, you can capture these colorful memories in your summer jewelry designs. With these three jewelry-making projects, you can use wirework, metal clay, metalsmithing, soldering, and stone-setting skills to create handcrafted summer-themed jewelry subtle enough to wear all year round.

Summer Jewelry Projects You’ll Find Inside:

How to Make Beaded Drop Earrings

Learn how to make drop earrings for summer jewelry in this FREE eBook.
Monet’s Flowers by Melissa Merman
Whether over the ocean, lake, or your own back yard, colorful sunsets are one of the most beautiful aspects of summer. Capture those pink, blue, and purple skies in beads in these pretty flower earrings. Wirework helps build a flower form out of leaf beads and also helps create the look of a bezel around faceted gemstone beads. The whole thing is accented with a swirling colorful lampwork bead that looks like all of the colors of the sunset on water swirled into one glass bead.

How to Make a Pendant from Metal Clay

How to make a pendant from metal clay is demystified in this FREE eBook on summer jewelry making projects.
Sand Dollar Pendant by Hadar Jacobson
Did you know that the white sand dollars we find on the beach and in beach stores are actually called sand dollar tests? The test is the hard skeleton part of the sand dollar, and the part that is a classic symbol of the beach and summertime. In this project, you can capture that symbol in metal clay, which is an ideal medium for texturing and using with molds. Use the test in a mold to make a sand dollar in metal clay, and then set a cabochon in an ocean-blue color in the center. This one features a shimmery labradorite like a water droplet on top, but aquamarine, being a gemstone so closely associated with the sea, would also make an ideal stone to use in the metal clay sand dollar pendant.

DIY Pendant for Summer

Make this DIY pendant in our FREE eBook on summer jewelry making projects.
Sunstone Waves Pendant by Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson
A favorite beach pastime is walking along the shallow surf, ankle deep in the waves and seeing the ripples the water makes on the sand. The sunstone in this pendant perfectly captures the waves, ripples, and sparkling sun on the sand and water. The ridges from the gem are echoed in the design of the metalwork to further emphasis that rippling water. This project is more advanced than the ones above, making it a fun challenge for everyone.

These three summery jewelry making projects show you how to capture the magic of the sun, the waves, and a riot of flowers using copper and silver; wire, sheet, and metal clay; and glass beads, pearls, and carved, cabbed, and faceted gemstones. If summertime is approaching, it must be time to create jewelry designs with summer-colored flowers and delicate greenery. Just thinking about summertime designs can bring softly scented breezes to mind: creating pretty summer-inspired jewelry is even better, and then, when the season arrives, there you are, all ready for it in style. Download your free summer jewelry eBook, Jewelry for Summer: Jewelry Designs Inspired by Summer Colors, and have fun!

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