Make Jewelry for Spring! 3 Free Jewelry Designs Inspired by Spring Colors and Beauty

Spring is here! Time to create jewelry designs with spring-colored flowers and delicate greenery. Just thinking about springtime designs can bring softly scented breezes to mind: creating pretty spring-inspired
jewelry is even better, and then, when the season arrives, there you are, all ready for it in style. In this collection of spring jewelry designs, you’ll learn

  • how to wrap pink and green wire into simple flower shapes with delicate leaves and twining stems to make charming spring flower pins, or use any color wire you want for your own spring jewelry bouquet.
  • to apply and preserve colored pencil on copper as you create a pair of delicately veined leaves for graceful earrings; make additional leaves for other jewelry designs like necklaces, too.
  • how to saw out pretty little spring flowers with gently curving petals and assemble with coiling tendrils of wire.



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